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The automation revolution is well underway, and it is led by deep learning computer vision. Whether it’s a 2D computer vision application you need or have an advanced 3D issue on your hands, Robovision provides an integrated AI platform and expert services to help you tackle complex issues the simple way. 

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Are you looking to make your production lines free from any kinds of defects? Or automate the time-consuming manual inspection of complex parts? Modern vision applications can help you unlock new intelligence from visual data and drive new business outcomes at scale.

Couple a digital camera and lighting with an AI model, you’ve got yourself a computer vision system. It’s your model employee that can process, interpret visual data and make the right call in all kinds of contexts. A complex setup is not necessary anymore. Thanks to deep learning, you can almost replicate the human visual capabilities in machines that was not possible to achieve before.

Build automation to detect hard-to-see objects around the clock, or create intelligent agri-robotics and autonomous industrial robots. And that’s only the beginning.

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Lay the Foundation

Image Acquisition and Labelling

Everything starts with an A-rated dataset you’ll use to build strong models. To collect that data, we’ll help you select the right camera and assorted hardware. Next, we’ll position it just right—all in order to capture the best possible images or videos. 

Capturing is just the first step, though. Then comes the labelling tasks to teach the AI models what is what. Use our platform’s advanced labelling tools to give insights to raw visual data. Let your experts’ knowledge shine by putting them in the driver’s seat or work hand in hand with an external labelling team. Either way, our platform makes it easy for labellers to label images, fast and well.

Lay the foundation for computer vision systems
vision applications for anomaly detection

Designed for Challenging Cases

Anomaly Detection

If you’re looking to optimise your business processes, anomaly detection will get you a long way. The idea is to teach machines to recognise unusual patterns or objects. However, things often get gnarly when you’re working with large datasets and lots of different anomalies. The solution: an AI deep learning platform that allows you to also use normal images as training samples.

There’s more. You no longer have to set up a separate detection system for every particular anomaly. All your vision applications for anomaly detection are now centralised in a single development environment. Identifying incidents, preventing production errors or spotting dangerous objects. Pick your pre-made pipeline and start building.

One of many ways to apply computer vision

machine vision - quality control systems

Quality Control Vision Systems

Manual inspections are time-consuming and inspectors are only human. Quality control vision systems, on the contrary, combine image processing and smart computer vision applications to provide fast, economic and reliable inspection. When it comes to this level of accuracy and speed, computers beat humans every time.

Ours is a toolbox you can use to build, test and deploy computer vision applications for product quality control at any stage. No matter whether you’re in healthcare, manufacturing, retail or logistics, you can use our platform to build AI that helps lower costs, reduce risks, and enhance the quality of a wide range of operations, from fabric defect inspection to product quality monitoring to weed management.

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Full automation to win the war for talents

AI helps tackle a few of the agriculture and food industry’s biggest challenges. With machine vision applications, we tackle plant diversity and automate tedious, labour-intensive tasks like potting plants, cutting flowers and the likes. In times when qualified personnel are hard to find, AI provides a technically skilled workforce, trained to sustainably deliver quality. 

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Capturing value from data

In manufacturing, quality control is key. Using AI will help you up the ante, automatically scanning for defects for a wide array of products and throughout the entire process. And there’s more, as our computer vision software can be used by operators on the factory floor, working hand in hand with your data science team to keep algorithms up to date. 

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Monitoring everything, all the time

From measuring the speed of traffic to recognising an intruder is a cat rather than a thief, AI keeps an eye out for safer cities. Hooked up to machine vision software, build algorithms that tirelessly scan incoming imagery and improve the accuracy of monitoring.

Make cities smarter

Build AI, the collaborative way

The AI creation process shouldn’t be a one-man job. Robovision enables collaboration between medical experts and AI engineers when creating smart clinical decision support systems. You provide the experts’ knowledge and we offer the technical expertise. Together, we can create AI as your co-pilot to assist you in medical image analysis. Build yours, the collaborative way.

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