Building the Future,


Robovision is a collaboration-first company that builds

dynamic software designed to improve accessibility to AI.

As a team, we believe that the future of AI is

where humans and AI are joining forces.

Robovision team has over 120 number of different domains.
Jonathan Berte, ceo of Robovision presenting to Robovision team in Barcelona 2022
Karol Misiarz is a member of the Robovision team. Coming from Poland, he is a project engineer
Robovision's cycling club
Robovision's team in Stad Amsterdam
Tim Waegeman, CTO of Robovision presenting at Barcelona
Robovision's team building in Stad Amsterdam
Robovision's happy employee
Robovision creates a happy workplace
Team building at ISO Group, Robovision client
Robovision team flag on the team ship, Amsterdam 2021
Robovision scaling the rigging on team ship, Amsterdam 2021.


physicists, mathematicians, engineers, creatives and business masterminds


nationalities in our diverse team that keeps growing


pending patents that we are proud of

What we all have in common: radical candour, childlike enthusiasm, tech savviness and solution-driven attitudes. 

The genuinely gifted minds behind Robovision

Thomas Van den Driessche joins Robovision as Chairman of the Board

Thomas Van den Driessche

The strategic leader steering Robovision down the right path for success

Thomas has been the CEO of Newtec since the end of 2016 and became the President of ST Engineering iDirect, a US-based satellite communication technology company owned by ST Engineering, who acquired Newtec in 2019.

Thomas brings to Robovision over 20 years experience in strategy, sales and marketing in a highly technological environment. He was also the chairman of the commercial space industry group SSPI from 2019 to 2021. His affinity with Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes back to his thesis year as a Master of Engineering in Electronics.

Thomas first joined Robovision as Chairman of the Board to support Robovision further with implementing the growth plan, achieving goals and governing strategy. As of 13 August 2022, Thomas has been appointed as the new CEO of Robovision. His ambition is to bring Robovision to the next-level. With such a finely tuned product, reputation as well as a knowledgeable and talented team, Thomas will lead and ensure Robovision’s growth ambitions are achievable.

CTO & Co-founder

Tim Waegeman

The chief architect of Robovision and its technology

When Tim joined the company, Robovision became Robovision AI. He obtained a PhD in Computer Science Engineering at Ghent University completing his doctoral thesis in 2013 on machine learning at the Reservoir Lab. The chief architect of Robovision and with a deep understanding of both data science and software development, he enthusiastically leads the company mainly on a technical level.
Chairman of the Board & Co-founder

Jonathan Berte

The main driving force behind Robovision

Jonathan Berte is the mastermind and the main driving force behind Robovision. With a background in applied physics and specialised in image processing, he built a strong reputation for developing custom solutions for machine vision and robotics in the first years of Robovision’s existence. Robovision is now a turnkey AI solution provider with a deep-learning platform. Our software is what it is today in large part thanks to Jonathan’s philosophy of building applications the “hard way.” Today, he actively supports the CEO - Thomas Van den Driessche and the Robovision team as his focus will be on maximising his impact on important opportunities. He will be forging strategic partnerships, evangelising vision AI and bringing Robovision to new markets across the globe. As a founder, he is continuously looking beyond the short-term horizon and monitoring early-stage ideas in our market.

Where the AI Magic Happens

Registered Address

Robovision BV,
Isabella Brantstraat 31,
2018 Antwerp,

VAT No: BE 0899613236
RPR: Antwerpen

A view from Sint-Michielsbrug looking towards Sint-Niklaaskerk, Gent city centre

Robovision's healthcare afterwork event 2022
Robovision's team building event in 2020
Robovision's team afterwork
Robovision headquarters in Gent, Belgium

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