Skyrocket throughput and optimise your supply chain with AI-driven processes

Vision AI and robotics can bring a wealth of insights to many steps of the manufacturing process. It can detect and classify defects in real-time, automate processes that previously relied on human action and improve plant and worker safety and productivity.

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How Robovision Manufacturing can help your business


The Robovision Platform was built for use by operators on the production floor to expand and adapt AI-based vision applications on their own.


Designed for dynamic environments, you can easily adapt to new varieties and products on the edge without the need of AI experts.



Our simple and intuitive GUI allows for fast adoption within your operation to radically improve day-to-day processes and workflows.


Covering the entire AI life cycle, our vision AI platform serves as the backbone for your machine vision use-cases, scaling while reducing additional resources.

Applications of Robovision Platform in Manufacturing Processes

Real-time visual inspection

Artificial Intelligence, specifically deep learning, significantly improves the quality control tasks required in manufacturing processes. With Robovision AI you can start training for a range and variable quality defects without lengthy and complicated set-up shenanigans.

Robovision's computer-vision AI technology being used in the manufacturing process at UNILIN.

Better processes with accurate insights

Process monitoring is necessary for any continuous production process. As process complexity and associated Big Data grows without bounds, new systems and processes are needed to scale with the needed accuracy and reliability.

Deep learning methodologies can provide highly accurate insights into manufacturing processes for continuous optimization of production processes. AI systems are able to handle the deluge of Big Data and allow for real-time interventions.

Robovision's AI technology powers the fabrication of laminated boards at UNILIN.

Replicate the human visual system

Many processes have always been hard, or even impossible, to automate due to (natural) variability in production processes, e.g. variability in the goods, changing production speeds, or changing environmental conditions.

Robovision AI has been built from the ground up to be adaptable to new varieties and to rapidly respond to changes. When we add robotics to the mix, it opens a world of new possibilities to automate tasks and processes that traditionally required a human hand, eye and brain.

Automate complex tasks with vision AI

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Offering seamless integration 

Existing Software

Whenever an AI pipeline is deployed, it is of utmost importance that the outcome can be connected to existing software eg. ERP software. Therefore we offer an API to enable both internal and external usage as well as integrations with third-party APIs. The API key can be used to block anonymous traffic, control the number of calls made to your API or to identify individual users.

Existing Hardware

If you would now want to link the detections of a pipeline to a robotic action, you can start using our OPC-UA driver. We’ve chosen for OPC-UA as this is the most often used protocols worldwide to communicate between different automation layers. If our platform needs to communicate with another protocol, custom drivers can be developed by our project teams.

Bolster your vision AI systems with Robovision Platform

Ideal for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

Robovision AI is ideally suited for OEM’s that want to bolster machines and devices with powerful machine vision AI capabilities to stay ahead of the competition.

Standardising machinery to ensure scalability

From training AI to deploying it across production sites, standardisation of processes, datasets, algorithms and workflows is a feasible and efficient way of ensuring your customers get the transformative power that AI can bring.

Focusing on your core business

Augmenting your machines and devices with Robovision Platform allows you to focus on your domain, whilst we provide you with the AI toolset for you to lead the way in your industries.

Moving AI to the real world

Focusing on moving AI into production as quickly as possible, Robovision platform allows you to accelerate time to market and achieve faster results.

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Operator at UNILIN being using Robovision's AI computer-vision technology.
Circles in the Sand at Robovision
Robovision can be used to be the final inspection of quality and safety in a manufacturing process
Robovision's technology can spot the slightest defect in the manufacturing process.
Robovision's AI computer-vision technology allows the automated defection PCB inspection in the semicon industry.

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