Improve and automate your production processes & quality control with Computer Vision AI

Computer Vision AI and robotics can bring a wealth of insights into many steps of the manufacturing process. It can detect and classify defects in real-time, automate processes that previously relied on human action and improve plant and worker safety and productivity.

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Enhance Yield with

AI-powered Quality Control

Quality control with vision AI in manufacturing can help companies determine optimal operating conditions to reduce yield losses. With Robovision AI Platform, teams can quickly develop and move AI into production without IT or engineering dependency.

Vision applications in manufacturing enable manufacturers across sectors to gain complete visibility of the production line and analyse quality control data, while identifying the root cause of defects, optimising production and eliminating waste.

Accelerate Vision AI Creation in Dynamic Environments

The Robovision AI Platform and Robovision Edge enable successful AI initiatives by seamlessly orchestrating the process of creating, deploying and maintaining human intelligence-powered automation at scale.


Robovision AI Platform serves as the backbone for your quality control use cases, covering from importing data to deploying models inside production environments. Teams can scale applications with a single software. 

Higher Success Rates

An AI model reflects the domain-specific expertise of a process operator or a quality manager. Domain experts can develop and maintain AI models by themselves and with fast iterating cycles.

No Cost of Change

Unlike the hand-engineered approach, teams can use the platform to easily adapt AI models to new varieties and products without dependency on IT or external consultancy services.

Real-time Capability

Robovision Edge enables companies to run AI in low-latency operations. Integrated with the Robovision AI Platform, our edge devices power real-time applications with high accuracy and zero downtime.

How Robovision Helps Transform

Manufacturing Processes

Vision applications created with Robovision can unearth previously unknown patterns, enhance quality control, automate complex tasks and enable machines to be smarter.

Vision AI provides insights to manufacturers to improve processes and output

Perform precise defect root-cause analysis with the help of vision AI

Finding the root cause can help manufacturers avoid manufacturing defects in the future. Vision AI can track the sequence if multiple failures occur. With AI-driven root-cause analysis, quality managers and operations can identify what parts of the value chain need changes, allowing manufacturing companies to continuously improve yield and reduce manufacturing defects.

As process complexity and associated Big Data grows without bounds, new systems and processes are needed to scale with the needed accuracy and reliability. Deep learning methodologies can provide highly accurate insights into manufacturing processes for continuous optimization of production processes. AI systems are able to handle the deluge of Big Data and allow for real-time interventions.


Build models for a range and variable quality defects without lengthy and complicated set-up shenanigans

Build AI-powered systems that can quickly detect defects or spot a problem in any part of the production line. Visual inspection performed by computer vision and deep learning can increase defect detection rates by up to 90%, compared to human inspection rates.

Robovision helps reduce defects in manufacturing with automation and vision AI

Modern vision AI-based systems can automate complex visual tasks to reduce errors and enhance quality

Many processes have always been hard, or even impossible, to automate due to (natural) variability in production processes, e.g. variability in the goods, changing production speeds, or changing environmental conditions.

Robovision AI has been built from the ground up to allow domain experts to adapt AI models to new varieties that rapidly respond to changes. When we add robotics to the mix, it opens a world of new possibilities to automate tasks and processes that traditionally required a human hand, eye and brain.

Robovision helps manufacturers integrate vision AI in smart machines

Turn any machines into smart and autonomous robots with human-level intelligence

AI-powered factory robots can be developed and deployed to work side-by-side with humans. Robovision has worked with machine builders to combine the precision and efficiency of machines with skills and intelligence of human operators to offer the best of both worlds. We help manufacturers increase productivity by performing repetitive and strenuous tasks, while also empowering the human operators to build applications together.

Intelligent robots will have to process an incredible amount of information and decisions will need to be made in real time. It is much more efficient for these machines to process information at the edge instead of sending it to the cloud and back. With our proprietary Robovision Edge and advancements in Edge AI, we can make intelligent robots even more powerful.

Vision AI for Quality Control

across Manufacturing Sectors

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Split a hair in 8,000 pieces: quality inspection with Robovision is about detecting errors in nodes of that size.

Food Manufacturing

Revolutionise the way quality is assessed in food products. Vision AI systems developed with Robovision can not only inspect food reliably, but also adapt to a variety of products in an ever-changing environment.

Building Material Manufacturing

Automate defect detection of even hard-to-see flaws in high assembly line speed as fast as 100 metres / minute.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Robovision helps manufacturers meet and ensure the highest-quality manufacturing standard of their medical devices. Vision AI can be trained to detect a variety of defects in various inspection categories and at high inspection speed.

Bolster your vision AI systems with Robovision Platform & Robovision Edge

For Machine Builders

Staying ahead competitors with intelligent machines

Robovision is ideally suited for machine builders that want to bolster machines and devices with human-level intelligence and powerful vision AI capabilities to stay ahead of the competition.

Standardising machinery to ensure scalability

From training AI to deploying it across production sites, standardisation of processes, datasets, algorithms and workflows is a feasible and efficient way of ensuring your customers get the transformative power that AI can bring.

Focusing on your core business

Powering your machines and devices with Robovision Platform and Robovision Edge allows you to focus on your domain, whilst we provide you with the complete AI toolset for you to develop and manage the entire AI life cycle with ease.

Robovision helps machine builders develop intelligent vision AI systems inside their smart machines
Robovision provides vision AI software and hardware to help AI teams at manufacturing companies develop and maintain AI applications at scale.

For Manufacturers

Moving AI to the real world

Focusing on moving AI into production as quickly as possible, Robovision Platform and Robovision Edge work in sync to guarantee smooth operations of vision AI applications, even in challenging environments with low-latency requirements. Manufacturers can thus accelerate time to market and achieve faster results.

Robovision Offerings

Complete solutions of software and hardware for a full AI life cycle management

Robovision PlatformRobovision Edge

Success Stories in Manufacturing

Robovision helps reduce defects in manufacturing with automation and vision AI

Automate Defect Detection on Laminate Boards

To automate hard-to-see defect detection, the Unilin Group developed an AI-based system with Robovision to streamline the visual inspection process with vision AI and achieved a higher production output.

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