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Robovision enables companies and automation solution providers to optimise processes and standardise machinery for modern agriculture, with dynamic AI-based vision systems that scale.

Nature’s complexity is holding back large-scale automation

New automation technologies are already transforming agriculture. To deal with the complexities of the agricultural cycle,  machines will need to become better at seeing, learning and adapting. Vision AI can meet these needs. However, scaling out AI-powered machines is difficult, because moving from proofs of concept to production requires a way to handle changes.

That’s where the Robovision platform can help. We enable companies to automate even the most complex agricultural activities and empower them to continuously adapt to the changes that impact their reality. 

AI-powered computer vision applications in agriculture and food will increase food yields and reduce labour costs.
Robovision has over 12 years' experience in the agriculture and food sector guaranteeing to you that we are experts in the field.
Robovision is a pioneer in the provision of 3D deep-learning agriculturial (agri-) robotics.


Agricultural robots with Robovision integrated


Years of Industry Experience


A pioneer in 3D deep learning for agri-robotics

An intuitive way to adapt vision AI at scale

How Robovision Agriculture can help you stay ahead

Robovision with our partners at ISO Group developed an award-winning machines including to pick plants

Tackle plant diversity

With the Robovision Platform, you can tackle the great variety of product types and climate variation that would be otherwise very time-consuming and costly to solve with hand-engineered solutions.

Adapt and expand as you go along

Applications can be easily developed, changed or adapted by those without a background in engineering or artificial intelligence.

Accelerate time to market

Equipped with end-to-end lifecycle management, our platform allows you to centralise all your AI workflows and maximise speed to market.

Standardise and manage fleets of machines

Whether it is only one machine or a fleet of robots, you can standardise your agricultural machinery and scale your AI-based vision systems with minimal support.

Creating value from data

across agricultural sectors

Drawing from a decade’s worth of experience, Robovision-enabled applications have been implemented across the world. We offer a scalable way to automate farming and continuously create value from your AI-based vision systems with dynamic AI.


Power your machinery with vision itelligence

Cultivating crops in greenhouses comes with its own set of challenges. Growers have to combat pests and diseases, monitor climate control conditions, and attract workers to do labour-intensive tasks. Now, advanced AI-based vision systems offer a way to efficiently automate complex greenhouse operations.

Robovision platform makes integrating vision AI into horticultural machines easy, enabling them to autonomously perform sowing, planting, deleafing, plant monitoring, fertilising and harvesting. With visual intelligence, your machinery not only helps growers increase their output, but also helps them cultivate high-quality crops and reduce food waste.


Towards future-proof agriculture

Climate change, a growing population, and shortages of skilled labour. These are but a few of the structural challenges that outdoor farmers face. To future-proof agriculture, companies and governments are turning to smart farming. Commercially available weed bots, harvesters and drones are already seeing use on the fields.

Robovision is at the vanguard of this revolution, providing the visual intelligence for these smart machines through our AI-powered platform. With Robovision, farming automation applications can easily be adapted for different plant variations and scaled as businesses expand their use of AI. 

Ai-powered vertical farming

Optimise resources with vision-based automation

Vertical farms make the most with the least amount of space and resources. These highly data-driven and controlled environments require little to no human intervention. Companies use Robovision to develop vision-based systems in robotics that can autonomously grow, analyse and monitor crops from seed to harvest.

Robovision helps contribute to a more sustainable planet by advancing these vertical farming applications with the power of sight. Vertical farmers now produce yields tenfold to hundredfold higher than those of traditional farms, while making the most efficient use of fertiliser, soil and water.


Better insights with smart data

Phenotyping takes agricultural science to the next level. Plant scientists and breeders base their decisions on the analyses of large amounts of crop data. But the labour-intensive process of collecting and analysing individual plant measurements is a bottleneck in traditional plant phenotyping.

Enter agtech. Robovision platform allows you to implement phenotyping applications that can tirelessly collect and analyse data autonomously with a consistency that humans cannot match. By gaining better insight, high-yield crop varieties can be bred that are more resistant to diseases and better adapted to an increasingly erratic climate.

Why Robovision Platform?

Years of Agricultural Sector Experience

Robovision has built up over a decade’s worth of know-how in both agriculture and deep learning. Our computer vision experts are well-acquainted with the ins and outs of AI in agtech and can rely on a strong network of partners.

Proven AI Technology

Our AI solutions have already proven themselves among our clients. Robovision’s deep-learning vision technology is currently powering over 600 agricultural machines in complex and unsupervised production processes, ranging from stem cutting to tulip bulb planting.

A Pioneer in AI & Deep Learning

As trailblazers in AI vision, we have completed many automation projects across different sectors over the past decade. Having pioneered 3D computer vision with deep learning to tackle complex projects, we are now leading the field of 3D deep learning.

Trusted by our partners for scalability

End clients increasingly demand intelligent automation solutions, which require the right AI expertise and software enablement to develop them. Automation solution providers in agriculture turn to an AI leader such as Robovision. Together, we develop scalable AI-based vision products that make their way to the real world. 

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Agricultural Sector Success Stories

Using AI to reduce pesticide use up to 80%

Robovision developed and integrated a computer-vision model into a weed-detection drone for ILVO. It can accurately detect weeds and soil types based on an aerial overview of farming fields. Built with intelligence and vision, it can see and read any field, any time, no matter the conditions.

Integrating computer vision into agricultural robotics

For Florensis, ISO Group and Robovision worked together to develop a machine that automatically identifies, picks up and pots 1,500 different types of plant cuttings. Florensis employees use Robovision to maintain and adapt the application themselves for each new plant cutting.