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Revolutionise Medical Imaging with AI Vision

Radiologists achieve higher efficiency in their routine cases through co-created AI solutions. Our CoPilot platform enables seamless integration of AI into their PACS framework and allows them to license their co-creation to other hospitals.

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Empower radiologists through AI co-creation

AI can become your smart assistant. Co-create with Robovision to make tedious routine jobs a breeze.

Save time 

Reduce your valuable time spent on labour-intensive tasks so that you can focus on processing more cases in less time. Achieve greater efficiency and higher success rate.

Less tedious tasks

Are you reading scans to look for a needle in a haystack that might not even be there? This should be a thing of the past. Use AI to gain more focus and time to concentrate on results.

Workflow integration

The AI pipeline is integrated seamlessly into your PACS server and our CoPilot platform processes DICOM footage as it comes in. You won’t even notice it’s there.

The Value

Transform your expertise into additional revenue streams

Robovision helps you to convert your medical knowledge into an AI digital asset. You can earn back that investment by licensing your co-created AI pipeline to other hospitals.

Create and Learn

With your medical expertise, ideas and access to medical images, no one else can create an AI better than you. While you provide us with your valuable input, we will show you how it is done, from AI creation to validation to certification. Our unique collaborative process allows you to both create clinical AI-based applications and learn at the same time.

Deploy and Earn

Turn your mountain of data and your team’s expertise into an AI asset that can be protected and certified by Robovision. We will help you easily deploy it in your hospital, or if you desire, license your co-creation to other hospitals. This way, not only your patients but also many others can benefit from your team’s expertise. All while earning licensing revenues from it!

Robovision's medical annotation platform

Robovision AI

A medical annotation platform with endless possibilities

  • A highly secure web-based platform for data protection
  • Advanced and easy-to-use annotation tools
  • Parallel labelling to enhance collaboration
  • Predictive labelling to speed up your labelling process
  • Support multiple data types: 2D and 3D DICOM and NIFTI files
  • Medically approved review flow
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Success Story

Rapid quantification of affected lung tissue caused by COVID-19

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Robovision teamed up with a number of respected organisations to create an AI model for fast quantification of lung damage.


We deployed our medical annotation platform to enable quick, easy and voxel-perfect labelling of lung CT images. These were annotated by the experts in our consortium. Together, we joined our forces to create a high-quality dataset.


Our data scientists now have all the tools they need to create a powerful AI model. A complete pipeline was created that allows it to fully analyse a new CT scan in a matter of seconds, by seamlessly interacting with a PACS server.

A complete report is then generated that includes a full analysis of the patients CT scan. This allows the radiologist to set the right diagnosis. Every time.

Robovision & You

Robovision’s expert team guides you through the AI creation process to streamline data science elements, model creation, validation and certification.

Collaborative Approach

Robovision is currently using this collaborative approach to develop algorithms for use in oncology and other life-critical applications, together with renowned specialists centres across Europe.   

Scalable Toolbox

Using our platform, experts can collaborate on a large scale. For example, our COVID-19 project brought together 25 hospitals and about 60 specialists in a single environment. 

Seamless Integration

Deploy AI easily and securely with our CoPilot platform. You can now integrate your smart assistant into your workflow without any technical hurdles. 

Maximised Returns

With your permission, your AI can be licensed to other hospitals. We help you obtain the necessary certification and commercialise it. As co-creators, we will share the revenue and shape the terms together.   

Transform healthcare with Robovision

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