Full Automation in Horticulture Robotics with Vision AI

Robovision helps build the world’s first fully automated machine that recognises, picks and pots plant cuttings.

Cuttings per hour
Robots cutting 24/7
Less labour costs

ISO group automates labour-intensive tasks for the horticultural industry, engineering machinery that pots plants, cuts flowers, cultivates trees and so on. They’ve seen farming get a complete make-over in the last decade. With a new focus on sustainability, quality and efficiency, jobs in the industry have become a lot more technical—and the people a lot harder to find.

Figure 1: Robovision partners up with ISO Group, a leading automation provider, to transform horticulture robotics

Taking on the never-ending quest for qualified personnel

As a prominent player in The Netherlands, Florensis grows over 4000 species of cut plants. All their picking, sorting and cutting used to be done manually. But with good labour being scarce, Florensis turned to ISO group for solutions. Now, over 1500 seedlings are planted by the latter’s’ specialised robots.

Figure 2: Robovision helped develop a fully automated plant potting machine using deep learning and vision AI

“Thanks to integrated Deep Learning software in every machine, our planters now manage and train the robots. This allows us to capture, copy and scale the intelligence of the most expert workers on site.”
Edwin Kodde, Florensis

Figure 3: Florensis can now optimise labor resources by having specialised robots developed by ISO Group and Robovision

A collaborative process with standardised output

By leveraging the extensive product knowledge of planters and feeding that to deep-learning mechanisms, ISO group now has a head start on its competitors, focusing on the advantages of this scalable operations.

Figure 4: Robovision Platform plays a key role in enabling plant experts to scale and maintain AI

Robovision as a strategic partner

“Making the switch is the only way for companies to stay relevant in the age of AI.”
Raymond van den Berg, ISO Group

While the switch to AI vision machines has put Florensis at the forefront of their industry, it has also meant a big step forward to ISO group. “Outsourcing the machine vision and deep learning part gives us room to focus on our core activities again. For us as machine builders, the partnership with Robovision is a strategic one”, says Raymond Van Den Berg.

Figure 5: Robovision helps ISO Group achieve a head start on competition

Reaching Desirable Outcomes

Operators teach a model in just 15 minutes

With basic computer skills and a few days of training, operators train their own models without any headaches.

Better quality plants

Each cutting is stuck at the same depth in the tray, which results in perfectly uniform young plants.

One machine that knows all about 1500 plants

Training just one machine is enough to distribute a new model to any other machine unit, making the technology easily scalable.

No need to call in data experts

Operators can easily train a new model in 15 minutes.

It’s a collaborative process

Meaning both data experts and operators with a thorough knowledge of the product work on the same platform.

Today, over 500 agribots use our platform wordwide

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