The Robovision Platform helps market leaders solve complex real-world challenges with dynamic vision AI. Learn how it can help you lead the way in your industry.

Robovision platform can revolutionaise the ag-tech sector
Robovision improves results in the agriculture and food industries.


The Robovision Platform enables companies to tackle a few of the agriculture and food industry’s biggest challenges: plant diversity and labour shortage. Develop vision applications that can expand and be adapted as conditions shift.

With vision AI, Robovision helps automate tedious, labour-intensive tasks like potting plants, cutting flowers and the likes. In times when qualified personnel are hard to find, AI provides a technically skilled workforce, trained to sustainably deliver quality.

Robovision works with the manufacturing industries to install AI computer-vision applications in an industrial process.


Are you looking to make your production lines free from any kinds of defects, or automate the time-consuming manual inspection of complex parts? Our platform is a toolbox you can use to build, test and deploy vision applications for product quality control, process monitoring and automation at any stage. We unite data experts and operators with boots-on-the-ground knowledge to help companies quickly move AI to the real world.

Thanks to deep learning, you can almost replicate the human visual capabilities in machines that was not possible to achieve before. Build automation to detect hard-to-see objects around the clock or autonomous industrial robots. And that’s only the beginning.

Robovision helps automate complex tasks in manufacturing
Robovision provides AI toolbox and technical services to help doctors and hospitals develop medical-grade AI
Two of Robovision's focus markets are healthcare and life science. With AI-powered computer-vision, healthcare and life science will provide the next-generation of medical care to patients.


Robovision offers a dedicated platform and technical services to let medical experts convert images and their expertise into a medical-grade AI that can be used to improve clinical workflows and outcomes.

Through our collaborative approach, medical experts work with our AI experts to co-create AI applications in medical imaging and life sciences that can be licensed to other medical institutions.

We offer a state-of-the-art medical annotation platform and a deployment solution for seamless AI integration.

Robovision has over 12 years' experience in the agriculture and food sector guaranteeing to you that we are experts in the field.


Innovative and forward-thinking retailers are adopting frictionless shopping technology to improve retail operations and generate new business opportunities. From detailed in-store analytic and automated product recognition to real-time inventory updates and AI-based smart checkout scales, Robovision has helped retailers to develop intelligent solutions that drive business outcomes.

At Robovision, we believe vision AI is a key enabler to ultimately meet ever-changing customer demands. Providing retailers with our AI expertise and an award-winning platform to develop, adapt and roll out AI at scale.

Robovision AI for Retail Market

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