Reshaping the Agri & Food sector through AI. Enabling companies to scale deep learning applications by themselves.

Our platform unites data experts and operators with boots-on-the-ground knowledge. This collaborative learning process leads to standardised results at scale.

Case study – ISO group

Tackling plant diversity with Deep Learning

The worlds’ first fully automated machine recognises, picks and pots plant cuttings.

Upgrade your efficiency

AI opens the door to automatisation at scale, creating autonomous farms and food manufacturers. Cut costs by being more efficient every step of the way.

Sorting becomes quality scanning

Our AI vision platform makes your quality control as flawless as can be. Automatically spot any debris among your crops and easily take flawed products out of the line.

Smarter use of resources

Any effort to cut down on resources in your industry immediately affects our planet for good. Reduce waste, pesticides, water usage and more, courtesy of data-driven decisions.

Stay ahead of the game

Our partners speed up their time to market by leveraging our computer vision expertise. Stay ahead by putting game-changing technology at the core of your machines.

AI applications in agriculture

Without AI, it’s become near impossible to remain relevant in the agriculture industry. That’s why we’ve partnered with Robovision.

— Raymond van den Berg,ISO group
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