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Enabling retailers to develop highly-scalable vision AI for the entire value chain. Transform the traditional retail experience with more personalisation, automation and increased efficiency.

Using the Robovision Platform for AI-based retail use cases

Leverage data to elevate the retail experience

Robovision’s vision AI technology offers an unprecedented opportunity to develop a new, frictionless shopping experience. With our award-winning technology, we can improve inventory management and increase in-store security to ultimately meet ever-changing customer demands.

Ranging from detailed in-store analytics and more efficient use of retail space to real-time inventory updates, Robovision enables companies to implement their custom AI and seize potential opportunities throughout the retail value chain.

Drive new business outcomes at scale

Our platform unites both data experts and retail experts on the shop floor to develop AI applications based on customer data and their shopping behaviours. This collaborative learning process accelerates time to market and allows companies to continuously create value from data.


Use Robovision to solve retail challenges

Robovision helps companies meet changing customer demands and drive revenue growth. Develop vision AI with real impacts.

A more convenient way to shop

Vision AI technology from Robovision meets the demands of the modern consumer and helps companies translate them into personalised shopping experiences.

  • Shopping data habits can be analysed to create a new floor plan.
  • An intelligent queue management system can be developed to redirect shoppers.
  • Smart point-of-sales (POS) systems can be set up to dramatically decrease checkout time.

Recognising any item anytime, anywhere

Whether in the shelves, on display racks or in shopping trolleys, a visual recognition application can recognise any types of products. Compared to barcode scanning, product recognition using cameras is faster and more effective as larger recognition zones are covered. For instance, retailers can use this application to track which items, barcoded or non-barcoded such as fruits and vegetables, are taken out of the shelf.

Managing inventory with vision AI

Inventory accuracy is critical to prepare for sales demand. Robovision’s AI technology helps retailers by linking their supply-chain operations to AI, so they can obtain a 360-degree view of their stores, shoppers and products.

Vision AI can collect and process information quickly to help retailers decrease the out-of-stock (OOS) rate and increase on-shelf availability (OSA). Robovision has developed smart scales that can give an inventory update in real time. This information can be analysed remotely and provided to third-party suppliers to maintain inventory and keep customers satisfied.

  • Out-of-stock detection
  • Checking for price compliance
  • Wrong product or pricing placement

Fraud prevention

Robovision helps reduce shrinkage by reducing unethical behaviour at self-checkouts (SCOs) or unmanned stores. Using vision AI, retailers can prevent various customer misbehaviours like:

  • Scanning less products or skip scanning
  • Switching products or barcodes
  • Unusual scanning or dubious behaviour
  • Push-outs or walk-aways (walking away with a full basket without paying)
  • Incorrect product or pricing placement

Automating quality control of fresh products

Smart vision AI applications can automate quality control of fresh products. For example, retailers can use our platform to develop an application to check the freshness of fruits and vegetables, in the warehouse or on the shelf. They can also analyse the quality of different products, such as how mature a banana is.

Robovision Edge together with the Robovision Platform can automate in-line quality control process
Robovision AI award-winning technology

Reap the benefits of vision AI

Seize the opportunities that exist in the entire retail value chain, as companies are leveraging the scalability of AI and customer data to:

  • Prevent fraud 
  • Gain competitive insights
  • Improve revenue and reduce waste
  • Enhance operational efficiency and customer experience
  • Allow employees to focus on high value activities, such as customer service and restocking

Transform retail with vision AI

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