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Our Story

Making computer vision more accessible

While computer vision opens up a whole new array of applications across sectors, its power is available only to those in the know. Usually, just about a handful of data scientists or engineers know how to develop and understand complex algorithms. No wonder getting an AI project on the tracks comes with lots of question marks for most organisations.

As a computer vision company, what fascinated us from day one is how we can make AI accessible to all stakeholders. What if a product expert could use and train algorithms to transfer their knowledge to machines? Or if data scientists could test and create new algorithms without being bothered by production processes and adapting parameters? No more wishful thinking. We wanted to make it possible with Robovision.

Robovision's trained highly trained experts working on an AI model of a plant.
Robovision powers AI-based operations

Our Purpose

Helping companies accelerate AI innovations

In modern AI, computer vision is the most technologically mature field that enables the automation of human sight. Robovision developed a powerful and easy-to-use platform to solve your vision-related use cases, no matter how challenging they are. Together with a team of more than 100 people, we strongly believe in collaborative intelligence between humans and machines. 

Thanks to the Robovision AI (RVAI) platform, operators with no technical background can now build their own deep learning based solutions in very limited time to automate quality control, picking up objects and do other automated actions. They can easily train their own AI models and retrain them if a new defect occurs for instance.

Our Technology

Delivering a highly collaborative AI platform for multiple markets

Transitioning from an AI consulting firm to a computer vision company, we were able to cultivate deep knowledge across industries. This advantage enabled us to develop a technology that connects different computer vision solutions to common issues. Focusing on visual data, the Robovision AI (RVAI) platform can be used in a variety of verticals: Agriculture, Manufacturing and Healthcare. 

Even if your process is already automated with the use of robots or cobots, you can improve the quality of your products even more with computer vision. 

Robovisions vision AI technology

Three things we do exceptionally well

Apply 3D deep learning

Within agriculture, we’re the first AI company that successfully used 3D deep learning to determine the growth of a tulip bulb, cutting roses or even sorting plants. Together with our amazing machine builder partner ISO Group, we developed the first fully automated machine that recognises, picks and pots plant cuttings. 

Enable real-time visual inspection

In the manufacturing industry, we help companies improve quality control for their products. From baking breads to inspection in the semicon industry, operators can train models that detect defects in real time. This way, you can not only reduce waste and costs, but also improve efficiency and ensure production quality for your end customer.

Innovate through collaboration

In healthcare, we help medical experts and hospitals revolutionise traditional analytics and clinical decision-making techniques, through our unique collaborative approach. While our data scientists do the heavy lifting on the technical side, the healthcare specialists can learn from us how to build and validate their models on our platform. This way, they can transform their ideas into clinical AI-based applications.

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