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ISO Group is a global innovative supplier of automation solutions in agriculture and horticulture. It is also one of our most reliable partners. We partner to produce automation tools for farming that include automatic seedling planting machines, tulip bulb planting machines, rose-pruning machines, and so forth. While ISO Group provides hardware (e.g. agricultural robots), Robovision provides the machine vision system.

PwC, known for its Industry 4.0 focus, helps industrial manufacturing companies address key issues that face their businesses. PWC works with Robovision in the areas of computer vision and quality control.

The delaware.ai department supports your NLP, IOT and AI projects. It collaborates with our Robovision AI platform for computer vision projects that include solid SAP integrations (e.g. for quality management modules).

Securitas, a leader in the security market, uses emerging technology to make digital security more efficient and effective. Securitas uses our Robovision AI platform to provide its clients with deep learning-based AI computer vision.

Mitsubishi Electric has powerful automation solutions including robotics, motion systems, PLCs and vision systems. Together we bring deep learning based quality control and automation to the market. Robovision is a proud partner of the e-F@ctory Alliance of Mitsubishi Electric.

Viu More’s experience lies in quality control, with proven expertise in the textile industry. The company delivers end-to-end quality control from hardware installation to deep learning that integrate with your PLC.

The Raccoons enterprise (a venture of Cronos Group) consults on the latest technologies. Brainjar, one of its divisions, focuses on Artificial Intelligence. It uses our Robovision AI platform for its computer vision projects.

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