AI-ready Infrastructure

Select the Right AI Infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will fail without a reliable and dependable infrastructure just like a house will subside without a solid foundation. 42% of AI experts flagged issues with AI infrastructure and compute capacity in their respective companies. (RedAI 2022)

AI is not only for now but for the future. The correct infrastructure needs to be powerful, connected and provide the high-performance computing power to meet your current and future demands. Therefore, choosing the right AI hardware infrastructure is key to achieve your automated goals and objectives.

Robovision helps leading companies select the right AI infrastructure to fit their goals and objectives.

Robovision: Experienced & Trusted

Since 2012, Robovision has enabled thousands of companies to take their first steps in the AI Revolution. Robovision is known and trusted to help companies select the right AI-enabled infrastructure. Thanks to knowledge and expertise of the Robovision team, our clients have achieved greater automation in agriculture, reduced production lead-time in manufacturing and delivered a better retail experience for consumers.


Robovision has been a “Solution Provider” of AI infrastrucutre with NVIDIA since 2017. We have the privilege to offer the DGX Systems: a world-leading purpose-built AI systems.


Robovision is a official supplier of the NVIDIA DGX H100.

The NVIDIA DGX H100 is the latest iteration of the DGX system family. It is the foundation of the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD.

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Robovision has been a trusted partner of NVIDIA solutions since 2017

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