Improve Quality of Care & Hospital Efficiency 

We collaborate with medical experts to transform their ideas into medical grade AI solutions. From organ detection to advanced decision support, Robovision helps you create and deploy image-based AI applications with ease. 

improving quality of care and hospital efficiency
AI for doctors

Turn ideas into clinical AI-based applications

Be in the driver seat of your AI creation

As a medical expert, you possess not only knowledge but also great ideas and access to images. That’s why at Robovision, you are the brain of the creation, while we take care of the technical aspects. Through our collaborative approach and platform, we will guide you through a step-by-step process, which converts your ideas, knowledge and images into a world class AI solution. And no worries, our technical team will be alongside to support you. 

Your AI creation then becomes your digital asset. Use it as the basis for a scientific paper or license it to other hospitals. But first, we will help you certify it, so your AI can be applied in clinical workflows. 

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Deploy AI at scale

Connect and integrate seamlessly to leading AI solutions

Robovision makes it easy for hospitals to integrate AI-based clinical solutions into real-life workflows. You can implement available applications from our portfolio, or develop your own AI. What’s more? With every new creation, we make it possible for you to generate revenue from it. Let other hospitals deploy it and increase your investment returns. 

Whether you go for an existing application or a custom one, you can rest assured that it will be fully integratable with any existing PACS software. We guarantee a smooth transition, where your workflows are enhanced and not interrupted. 

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AI deployment for hospital efficiency
AI for IT partners

Become Robovision's partners

Partner with us to create and deploy AI for your clients

As an IT or software vendor, you may be looking for the best solutions for your clients. If you have an AI request at hand, Robovision provides the necessary tools and expertise to help you deliver your custom application. Your clients can then integrate it seamlessly to their workflow and existing PACS software. Earn more with every new development opportunity you bring!

Depending on your client’s needs, Robovision also has a portfolio of available AI solutions that you can pick and choose off the shelf. Reselling from our portfolio is easy and straightforward. 

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