Ensuring non-defective injection moulds not being thrown away

With a product range of over 5,000 products, the Niko Group is Europe’s leader in electrical components, from switches to sockets. Every week, over 200,000 pieces of their most popular product come rolling off the conveyor belt. Niko had a traditional quality control system in place. Inspecting each finished item manually was very time-consuming.

Moreover, the system yielded too many false positives as well as false negatives. In other words: a lot of good pieces were being thrown out, while the bad ones were left to continue their journey.

AI proved much more accurate than their existing solution, reducing the number of misshapen pieces that got the green light by 33%. For the good pieces previously wrongly accused of defects, the number even shot up to 72%.

Added bonus: it now takes Niko just about 3 hours to train their AI to recognise faults in a new product, compared to weeks using a traditional vision system.