Improve Quality of Care & Hospital Efficiency through the Power of AI

We collaborate with medical experts to transform their ideas into medical-grade AI solutions. From organ detection to advanced decision support, Robovision helps you create and deploy image-based AI applications with ease.

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Open up Endless Opportunities for Healthcare Applications

Robovision's Healthcare Co-pilot is a revolutionary AI-enabled platform for healthcare. It can detect diseases faster and quicker than humans

Collaborative Approach

Medical experts have invaluable knowledge and data. Together with Robovision, we co-create powerful AI solutions to assist their day-to-day tasks.

Excellent Medical Annotation Platform

The Robovision Platform has a tailor-made workflow for both pathologists and radiologists. Providing not only great 2D annotation tools, experts can easily upload DICOM or NIFTI files and create 3D annotations in seconds!

No-code AI Creation

Creating your own AI model is only a few clicks away with the Robovision Platform. Why writing hefty code when you can just upload, label and train. Don't worry when things get difficult, our AI experts have got your back.

Discover our AI Solutions in Healthcare

Robovision’s mission is to help reshape healthcare with AI. With over a decade worth of experience, we have developed key technologies that enable healthcare stakeholders and medical professionals to transform healthcare needs into certified applications faster.

AI Creation

Medical Annotation Platform

Robovision offers a central web-based platform for teams across the globe to accelerate, manage and scale medical image annotation projects. Use our state-of-the-art annotation tools and a closed-loop workflow to build quality 2D and 3D datasets, while streamlining the annotation process. 

AI Integration

Robovision CoPilot

Creating an AI-based clinical application is one thing, but getting it integrated into your workflow is another key aspect to bring added value to the end user. Robovision CoPilot is especially designed to run these AI-based clinical applications in a clinical context. It is fully compatible with your PACS systems and integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

Robovision’s AI-powered Services in the Healthcare Sector

Turn ideas into clinical AI-based applications

As a medical expert, you not only have knowledge but also great ideas and access to medical images. That’s why at Robovision, you are the brain of the creation. With our collaborative approach, we provide you with technical support and a cutting-edge AI platform to develop AI together. Through a step-by-step process, you will be able to convert your ideas, knowledge and images into a world class AI solution.

Your AI creation will become your digital asset. Use it as the basis for a scientific paper or license it to other hospitals through our CoPilot platform. But first, we will help you certify it, so your AI can be applied in clinical workflows.

Boost digital pathology workflow in life sciences with AI-based assistant

Robovision AI can take your life science innovations to new heights, whether in BioTech, MedTech, pharmacy or healthcare. The Robovision Platform enables digital pathologists to quickly develop AI-based applications that provide rapid assistance in investigating samples. Maximise efficiency and accelerate discovery with fast quantification and custom reporting. Robovision helps remove manual and tedious tasks, so you can put your expertise to work with supported rich insights.

What do our customers say?

Robovision provided us with the right tools to collaborate on the development of an algorithm for oncologic imaging. The online annotation platform is equipped with user friendly and advanced functionality, allowing us radiologists to work fast and efficiently. The built-in review flow ensured that the labeled data was of high quality

Laurens TopffMD, Radiologist

AI is completely redefining our profession and will help us to improve patient management drastically. As radiologists, Robovision gives us the tools to collaborate on easily creating algorithms by ourselves, without the need of coding knowledge

Erik RanschaertProf. Dr. Radiologist, Key Opinion Leader in AI for Radiology, Entrepreneur, Advisor to AI startups
AI-based platform for healthcare
Robovision helps pathologists develop AI-based applications assisting their analyses and day-to-day work.
kidney medical annotation with predictive labelling on Robovision platform

Have medical-grade AI that transforms healthcare