We Are Computer Vision Experts 

Our mission is to open up the human-machine revolution to the leaders of tomorrow. 

Collaborative intelligence drives everything we do. This means we foster knowledge transfer between key players in your organisation, with an effective solution that aligns your business goals with those of your users.

While there are many ways to work together, we believe that there is no better way to combine knowledge than through collaborative intelligence. Our vision of the future is one where humans and AI work hand in hand, each taking different roles, based on what they do best.

Robovision's team
Our Purpose

Helping you accelerate AI-led innovation

After the steam engine and the Internet, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest revolution of the digital age. In modern AI, computer vision is the most technologically mature field that enables the automation of human sight. 

We are a software-based computer vision company, developing cutting-edge AI technology for leaders of tomorrow. Our software accelerates AI-led innovation by enabling AI through collaborative intelligence. Use our intuitive platform to harness the power of AI, easily create automation and speed up your production releases. Your non-technical users can work independently when training AI models and have your data scientists focus on creating new algorithms to solve unprecedented challenges.

Our Story

Making computer vision more accessible

While computer vision opens up a whole new array of applications across sectors, its power is available only to those in the know. Usually, just about a handful of data scientists or engineers know how to develop and understand complex algorithms. No wonder getting an AI project on the tracks comes with lots of question marks for most organisations.

What’s fascinated us from day one is how we can make AI accessible for all stakeholders. What if a product expert could use and train algorithms to transfer their knowledge to machines? Or if data scientists could test and create new algorithms without being bothered by production processes and adapting parameters? No more wishful thinking. We wanted to make it possible with Robovision.

Robovision AI mockup
Rpbovision AI platform

Our Technology

Creating a highly versatile AI platform for computer vision

Learning from our experiences across industries, we’ve connected different computer vision solutions to common issues. The result is called Robovision AI (RVAI), a platform built to support a wide array of use cases from industrial automation, robotics, visual inspection, to video analytics, life sciences and beyond.

Our technology offers standardised and automated scripting that make algorithms available in a heartbeat. Next, any users can use and reuse them, without the help of an expert. From now on, building, training and running AI models for high-performance and scalable computer vision applications is easy, even without a technical background. 

Our Added Value

Scale your investments in AI

Scaling a computer vision application for different products or business lines is all possible with Robovision. Retraining a deployed AI model on a new data set to make it smarter and more accurate? Sure. Reapplying it on the same or a similar process in another business line, fast? Done. Our platform is highly flexible to work with various data types. No code needed, even if you want your AI application for tomatoes to work for potatoes or carrots. 

Count on our team of over 100 computer vision experts and a strong partnership with industry leaders to bring you the brightest and sharpest in AI—something we’re doing in more than 40 countries across the globe. We were proud and honoured to receive the prestigious title “Scale-up of the Year” by the Belgian Government, in December 2020. 

Robovision's Differentiation

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