ISO Group Wins 2020 “GreenTech Innovation Award”

ISO Cutting and Planting 1800 Machine

GreenTech Winner 2020 ISO Group - a partner of Robovision

ISO Group, a Netherlands-based Robovision partner has won the GreenTech “Innovation Award” 2020 for their latest plant-sorting machine, ISO Grade 8000.

The ISO Grade 8000 machine works with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities developed by Robovision. It uses computer-vision technology to sort many different properties of the plant – making sorting a lot more accurate and less labour-intensive. ISO Group have developed a unique gripping technique which makes it possible to grab the young plants and place it in an empty plant tray.

The GreenTech jury noted that the ISO Grade 8000 was an “impressive combination of technology”. The machine was voted to be the most unique, high-tech and the most advanced innovation in the horticultural sector.

Editor’s Note: originally published in October 2020; edited and updated in April 2022.