Jonathan Berte Named “Engineer of the Year” 2019

Jonathan Berte, CEO of Robovision awarded "Engineer of the Year" 2019 by the UGent Alumni Association of Engineers (AIG)

Title Image: Jonathan Berte, CEO of Robovision receiving the AIG “Engineer of the Year” Award 

“Digital Innovation”

Robovision’s CEO, Jonathan Berte, was named “Engineer of the Year” recently at a ceremony at De Krook, Ghent by the Alumnivereniging voor de Ingenieurs afgestudeerd aan UGent (AIG) – the Ghent University (UGent) Alumni Association of Engineers. The theme of this year’s award was “Digital Innovation” and Jonathan Berte won against 16 other distinguished nominees. Previously, Berte had been voted “Disruptor of the Year” 2018.

Robovision’s AI-enabled Technology

Berte won thanks to Robovision’s pioneering product of an AI-enabled computer-vision platform to optimise processes and increase efficiency for the agricultural, manufacturing and healthcare sectors. The platform uses deep-learning technology to interpret complex videos and images faster. The principal feature of Robovision to aid humans to work with machines to perform their tasks better.

Robovision is based in Ghent and employs many alumni of UGhent amongst its 40-person strong team of AI experts. Last year’s title of “Engineer of the Year” went to Annick De Poorter, Executive Vice-President R&D and Sustainability of Aalst-based, Ontex.

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Editor’s note: originally published in April 2019. Edited and updated in April 2022.