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Integrate Robovision’s AI solution to connect and integrate your hospital workflows

Digitise your workspace without changing your workflows with our advanced and integrable solutions, for any existing PACS software.

Robovision Healthcare Co-pilot ensures seamless integrations of AI into clinical workflows from start to finish with Robovision's award-winning AI products.

Integrate AI into Hospital Workflows

With Robovision’s collaborative approach, we can create rock-solid AI solutions that are seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows.

Specialists can use our AI to increase efficiency in the imaging department. And beyond that, you can profit from this co-creation, by licensing it to other hospitals.

Why choose Robovision for Hospitals?

Our cutting-edge AI solutions can provide additional insights and quantifications to substantiate your medical imaging analysis and diagnosis. Without changing the way you work, our application is developed to fit right into your current processes. Any specialist can get the most out of it, right from the start. 


Our portfolio will keep expanding to suit new and evolving requirements. Robovision is currently developing multiple algorithms for use in oncology and other life-critical applications, together with renowned specialist centres across Europe. Once validated and certified, you can integrate them through our Robovision Copilot platform. Alternatively, you can join us in developing new applications and profit from licensing to other hospitals. 

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Detect bone issues faster with AI on Robovision's computer-vision platform for healthcare professionals
Robovision AI award-winning technology

Easy Implementation

To provide you with a straightforward integration of our AI-based clinical applications with your workflow, we have developed a dedicated medical inference engine: the Robovision Copilot platform. This platform is designed to communicate with your existing PACS software, so you can access AI solutions from within your workflow. Robovision offers flexible licensing options to suit your requirements. 

Healthcare Co-pilot is Robovision's revolutionary computer-vision-powered technology for the healthcare industry.

Improved Efficiency

Ease of use and uninterrupted workflows are key to our approach. Not only the AI-based application should be intuitive for any specialist, but also integrable into their workflow. When using our solution, Robovision remove technical hurdles and ensure no time is wasted in sending images around. 

Robovision’s strength for hospitals lies in the innovative applications, accessible and our easy-to-deploy Co-pilot platform

Flexible & Secure Deployment

Deployment is done directly on our Copilot platform. Whether you prefer to deploy them on the cloud or entirely on-premises, Robovision can adapt to your requirements. In both setups, the output of the AI-based clinical application is re-injected in your PACS system for use by the specialists.

Cloud Deployment

When deployed in the cloud, it will be linked via a secure gateway that creates pseudonymised images, so no patient information leaves your network.   

On-premises Deployment

Alternatively, if installed on your network, no information will ever leave your secure network, thus ensuring total security.    

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