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We enable companies to create smart computer vision applications at scale

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Robovision inside

Preventing explosions

Increasing fire safety by scanning waste for gas bottles in recycling facilities

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Case 01 Renewi

Tackling plant diversity

The worlds’ first fully automated machine that recognises, picks and pots plant cuttings

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Case 02 iso group

Automating quality control

Spotting fabric defects faster while keeping knowledge in-house

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Case 03 Veranneman Technical Textiles

87% of AI projects fail to scale. The other 13% aim for collaborative intelligence

Fact: just one out of every 10 AI projects actually make it into production. The number one reason why they fail is because simply throwing money at an AI won’t do. Other reasons include data that isn’t worth two dimes or the fact that data scientists aren’t used to sharing their expertise.

What our clients say

Robovision allows us to build high-end AI driven solutions for our customers. Their top notch object recognition capabilities eased the access to Deep Learning for us, without the need to train our people nor our customers in AI.

Jan Meynen,CEO Viu More

AI is completely redefining our profession and will help us to improve patient management drastically. As radiologists, Robovision gives us the tools to collaborate on easily creating algorithms by ourselves, without the need of coding knowledge

Prof. Erik Ranschaert,Radiologist

Without AI, it’s become near impossible to remain relevant in the agriculture industry. That’s why we’ve partnered with Robovision.

Raymond van den Berg,ISO Group

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