Robovision Welcomes Thomas Van den Driessche as the Chairman of the Board

Robovision Welcomes Thomas Van den Driessche as the Chairman of the Board

Ghent, Belgium – 21 February 2022 – Robovision officially welcomes Thomas Van den Driessche as the Chairman of the Board of Robovision. Thomas has been the CEO of Newtec since the end of 2016 and became the President of ST Engineering iDirect, a US-based satellite communication technology company owned by ST Engineering, which acquired Newtec in 2019.

Thomas brings to Robovision over 20 years’ experience in strategy, sales and marketing in a highly technological environment. He was also the chairman of the commercial space industry group SSPI from 2019 to 2021. His affinity with Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes back to his thesis year as a Master of Engineering in Electronics.

Thomas Van den Driessche joins Robovision as Chairman of the Board

Figure 1: Thomas Van den Driessche, Chairman of the Board, Robovision

Started in 2012 as an AI consultancy, Robovision has transformed to become a leader in developing computer-vision technology to enable collaborative intelligence. Robovision has an ambitious vision of growth for the coming years and Thomas Van den Driessche will support Robovision further with implementing the growth plan, achieving goals and governing strategy.

Thomas Van den Driessche:

Robovision is at a pivotal point in its development to become a world leader in computer vision AI. The number of applications of its platform and the scale of the future business is huge and requires the company to go to the next stage in its corporate development. A journey that I am eager to participate in

Jonathan Berte, CEO of Robovision warmly appreciates Thomas taking the opportunity to join Robovision:

For a company with a vision, you need people with a vision. Robovision is lucky to have Thomas as a visionary member of Robovision’s expanding team. Thomas brings a passion for emerging technologies, a business acumen for seizing opportunities and experience to help me take Robovision to the next level of growth.