Robovision Signs Structural Partnership with Securitas Benelux

At Securitas, the future starts today thanks to a partnership with AI expert Robovision

Smart Cameras Use AI for Quicker Interventions

Smart cities, smart homes, smart cameras: the longer the more, we evolve towards a “smart society”. Securitas is convinced that security can become increasingly “smarter” thanks to the combination of the right people with the right knowledge and the latest technology. That is why Securitas recently concluded a collaboration agreement with Robovision—a developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled computer-vision based on deep learning.

With a structural partnership, Securitas and Robovision seal an in-depth collaboration between the Belgian leader in AI for video applications and the European market leader in Security. Robovision, an award-wining Belgium-based company of AI experts, develops and processes deep-learning software in computer-vision systems.

Robovision’s AI technology will be applied to Securitas’ existing camera networks and ensure that the recorded images are accurately interpreted. After all, the software applies algorithmic analyses the camera images and detects certain dangerous objects and unsafe patterns itself. In this way, the control room operators receive an automated signal to swiftly act with corrective intervention.


The strength of the collaboration lies in the complementarity between the two partners. Robovision has the AI ​​expertise in-house and Securitas knows how to convert this technology into practical applications. As a licenced security company, Securitas has the right qualifications and expertise to bring solutions to the market. The processing of images is highly regulated and fully fits within the legal framework determined in, among other things, the camera and privacy law.

Because Securitas will make these smart cameras available on the market as a service, customers can purchase Robovision’s advanced technology in an “accessible” way in a simple consumption model, with respect for their privacy and that of citizens.

Safe in different sectors

Reinforcing security cameras with artificial intelligence is relevant in many sectors: healthcare, manufacturing industry, retail, banking sector, public transport and others. The possible applications are limitless. Consider platform security, where smart cameras can automatically detect whether a person is on the move. the platform is located. Banks can use smart cameras that recognize the methods of explosives. They do not need AI experts themselves for this and the control room operators receive automatic notifications when the AI ​​algorithm detects an unsafe situation. Security personal from Securitas can then be called in to intervene.



“We are delighted to be working with the experts at Robovision on image processing. This strategic partnership fits in with our vision to bring ‘data driven next generation’ security solutions to the market. Thanks to this collaboration, both we and our customers are ready for the future.”
Dirk Peeters, CTO of Securitas Belux.

“Securitas has the necessary expertise in the field of image processing and privacy. Thanks to this partnership, our technology can be used correctly. The experience of Securitas and the expertise of Robovision are enormously complementary. We are happy that we can contribute to a safer world with our technology.”
Jonathan Berte, CEO of Robovision.

Originally published in April 2019. Edited April 2022.