Robovision Joins the 2020-2021 TechShare Programme

Robovision announces that it has been selected to join the 2020-2021 TechShare programme. The 2020-2021 in-take is the sixth edition of TechShare and is sponsored by Euronext: the pan-European stock market (bourse) that offers various trade and post-trade services across 8 different European countries. TechShare is for technological companies which are considering raising private equity within the next 2 to 3 years. The 3 pillars of TechShare cover a number of economic sectors including media, telecoms, life science and clean-tech.

The kick-off for Belgium takes place on 21 January 2021. This will be followed by workshop sessions about initial-public offering (IPO) process, legal advice and corporate governance. The 2020-2021 programme will close during the summer with an event with all participants. The current in-take of companies have a turnover of little over EUR 16 million (USD 19 million – at today’s valuation) and hope to join TechShare success alumni like Nyoxadh which raised EUR 85 million during is IPO.

More information can be found here: TechShare |

Editor’s Note

Originally published in January 2021. Updated in April 2022.