Robovision announces partnership with South Essex Fabricating (SEF)

For Immediate Release

Leamington, Canada, Gent Belgium,  17 August 2021 – South Essex Fabricating (SEF) has signed a partnership agreement with Robovision to pave the way for the research and development (R&D) of deep-learning software and enhanced artificial intelligence (AI-enabled) robotics for the agricultural industry.

SEF, a leader in premier greenhouse fabrication with over 20 years’ of horticulture experience, is teaming up with Robovision to develop advanced robotics and algorithmic software. This collaboration will position both companies at the forefront of their industries by combining much-needed high-tech machines backed with AI capabilities to standardise and regulate labour-intensive tasks.

The partnership announced today demonstrates the shift within the agricultural industry where the future of agronomy will rely on robotics and data-driven technology. The goal is to use AI to enhance the wisdom and experience of the head growers: by allowing the continual back and forth of information between human and machine.

“As innovators, our mindset is always to improve, both throughout build and construction and within the entire operating and cultivating process. I am excited about this new venture with Robovision and the endless smart solutions that can be achieved within this industry. No matter what industry you do business in, AI is the future, and we are here to embrace that.”

Peter Quiring, owner and CEO South Essex Fabricating

“This partnership is a great match, as South Essex Fabricated bring tons of business knowledge and network, which combined with our solid technical knowledge and experience in scaling AI-powered horti-robotics will ensure that we create scalable, high-performant products that answer to business needs.”

Jonathan Berte, co-founder and CEO Robovision