Manage large-scale medical image annotation with ease

Turn medical images into rich data with a robust medical annotation platform. Businesses with teams across the globe can streamline their annotation process and build high-quality datasets at scale.

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Large-scale medical image annotation for healthcare

6 reasons for annotating with Robovision Platform

Fulfil diverse medical annotation tasks and volumes of labelling requirements with our intuitive interface and advanced tooling. Robovision offers a fully controlled, secured and collaborative environment to help you achieve both quality and scalability.


Standardise processes and ensure quality with a closed-loop workflow between reviewers and labellers


Hassle-free access to our web-based platform, with maximum data protection via a network, locally or on the cloud

Full Control

A centralised platform to manage teams and different projects with role-based access

Advanced Tooling

Annotate efficiently with advance labelling tools for multiple data types from 2D to 3D medical images


Scale your annotation with predictive labelling for large and multimodal imaging datasets

Real-time Collaboration

Regardless of the location, teams can collaborate internally or externally on the same dataset

Build quality datasets

with a closed-loop workflow

Reach a conform ground truth with the four-eyes principle, where every image is at least reviewed by 2 different lead annotators or reviewers. Easily expand your workforce or outsource to non-expert labellers, whose work will be reviewed by a medical professional in your team.


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Robovision's medical annotation platform with an intuitive interface

Boost your productivity with an intuitive interface

Your teams can achieve consistently high performance in an intuitive environment. Delivering custom labelling tools for different image types, our platform is personalised to your needs with no technical development required.



Annotate securely

anytime, anywhere

Our web-based annotation platform allows you to label your data, without the hassle of downloading any software. You have the options to connect via the Internet or place a server in a location of choice. The data never leaves the servers nor transferred to a local device. Guarantee top security of your patient data at all times. 


Support multiple data types with advanced labelling tools

Our platform supports the annotation of both 2D and 3D images, from 2D X-rays and microscopy images to 3D CT Scan and MRI data. Simply import your data and use our advanced labelling tool to start building your training datasets. When ready, seamlessly integrate them to existing DICOM or PACS systems.

Scale your medical
image annotation

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a fully control medical annotation platform
Manage and centralise projects with Robovision"s medical annotation platform

Centralise projects in a fully controlled environment

From a central dashboard, admins can assign reviewers and labellers to different projects and track progress. Each role will have a dedicated environment with appropriate access rights.


AI-powered annotation for large & multimodal datasets

By adding our state-of-the-art AI technology into this labor intensive process, a model’s output can make an initial annotation of raw data in real time. Our platform enables a tight feedback loop where your review team can improve this data and feed the improved annotations back into the model to increase its prediction accuracy.

With predictive labelling, you can reduce manual annotation. A preliminary AI model is used to pre-segment the images which decreases the annotation time per image significantly. Use predictions to pre-label data and speed up your process. 

kidney medical annotation with predictive labelling on Robovision platform

Collaborate in real time

with concurrent labelling

With our web-based platform, different annotators, experts and non-experts can work concurrently on the same dataset. Medical experts can thus collaborate in real time and increase the throughput. 

Built for outsourcing and external collaboration between your expert team and the external annotators. Whether they work from the same office or in multiple locations, our platform supports global collaboration.

What makes Robovision unique?

Collaborative Approach

With our web-based platform and a closed-loop workflow, collaborate externally and remotely with confidence.

User First

No more setup and configuration hurdles with a secured web-based platform, that can be customised to meet your needs.

Excellent Services & Support

Stress-free throughout your projects as we provide user trainings and technical support whenever you encounter an issue.

Platform Training

Ensuring your team's success is as important as delivering a great tool. We offer platform training so labellers can learn how to use it in the most efficient way possible.

Achieve scalable & high-performance medical annotation

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