Here are 7 differences between a custom built Vision AI solution versus the Robovision AI platform

When considering the implementation of a vision AI solution, businesses face a pivotal choice: whether to develop a custom-built solution or to adopt a commercial platform like the Robovision AI platform. Each option has its unique set of benefits, but a careful examination of needs and circumstances is crucial.

Custom Built Vision AI Solutions

Custom solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and control, allowing businesses to tailor the technology to their specific needs. This degree of customization ensures that every aspect of the AI solution aligns perfectly with the business’s operational requirements and unique challenges. However, this comes at a cost—not just in terms of monetary investment but also in time and resource allocation. The development process is often lengthy and requires substantial ongoing investment in both human and technical resources.

Robovision AI Platform

On the other hand, the Robovision AI platform offers a robust, ready-to-use solution that significantly reduces the time and financial investment typically associated with custom development. This platform approach delivers a wide range of vision AI capabilities straight out of the box, enabling businesses to accelerate their time to market and avoid the common pitfalls and risks of custom development. While it might seem that using a commercial platform could limit customization, the breadth of features and the adaptability of the Robovision AI platform ensure that it meets a broad spectrum of business requirements effectively.

Comparative Overview

The following table highlights the differences in investment and operational impact between the two approaches:

Make (custom built solution) Buy (Vision AI platform)
Product definition
Active R&D phase €€€€€
Commercialization €€€
Average number of iterations in computer vision project 5 2
HR cost  €€€ 0
Workload Planning ☹️ 😀
Retraining AI models Up to 6 Months – by external AI specialists Realtime – by internal domain experts

Making the Right Choice

Deciding on the right approach depends heavily on your specific needs and strategic goals. If your business requires highly specialized functionality and you can afford the time and resources for development, a custom solution might be appropriate. However, for most businesses looking to implement solutions swiftly and cost-effectively, the Robovision AI platform offers a compelling alternative that balances functionality with flexibility and ease of use.


Vision AI is transforming industries by enhancing efficiency, productivity, and safety. The journey to integrating this technology, however, involves strategic decisions about whether to invest in custom development or leverage the scalable, risk-mitigated nature of a platform like Robovision. By aligning your choice with your business’s operational needs and resource availability, you can harness the full potential of vision AI effectively and efficiently.