QING chooses Robovision’s platform for AI-powered innovation in food and agriculture

April 2023 – AI-platform company Robovision in Ghent (Belgium) has a new implementation partner: QING Forward Engineering, a high tech engineering company based in Arnhem (The Netherlands). QING will be able to integrate Robovision’s platform into the innovative and technological systems they develop for companies in the agriculture and food industry. “This enables our clients to start automating with as little risk and worry as possible”, QING motivates.

Left: Thomas Van den Driessche, CEO of Robovision Middle: Bram de Vrught, Managing Director of QING Right: Jonathan Berte, Founder and Chairman of Robovision

Challenging and fast evolving industry

Manufacturing companies face many challenges today, such as high energy costs, labour shortages, rapidly changing technologies and global competition. Both QING and Robovision want to tackle those challenges and have therefore joined forces: QING develops and integrates end-to-end solutions, Robovision delivers the AI-platform. “QING and Robovision nourish a great collaboration to tackle complex use cases in ever-changing environments”, says Jonathan Berte, founder and chairman of Robovision.

“QING and Robovision nourish a great collaboration to tackle complex use cases in ever-changing environments”
– Jonathan Berte, founder and chairman of Robovision

AI-powered solutions for complex problems

QING is an engineering company that solves complex problems in food and agriculture with innovative technologies like AI. The engineers of QING used to build the AI-algorithms themselves, but found that it could be done more efficiently. “From now on, QING implements Robovision’s platform to create and maintain AI-models in food production”, explains Berte. 

Thanks to Robovision’s platform, QING can work faster and ensure better quality. “Building the algorithms took us quite some time. Since we started using Robovision, we have become much faster. Moreover, the algorithms perform better now. Robovision has a team of engineers working on it full time”, says Teun Keusters, deep learning engineer at QING.

No AI-experience or data engineers required

Robovision is also an enabler, says Keusters. “There are simply not enough data scientists available for all the companies that need to build algorithms. With Robovision’s platform however, our clients can introduce and maintain new technologies successfully, without needing their own data engineers or previous experience with AI. We help the clients to use the platform in the beginning, but they take over control at their own pace.”

For food producers as well as machine suppliers

The collaboration between QING and Robovision is not only profitable for agrifood producers, but also for (OEM) machine suppliers. QING could, for example, develop and install an AI-powered Quality Control System on a specific food line in a one-off project. But QING can also help OEM-companies with the innovation of an AI-powered machine concept, when they are in need of specific skills and/or resources.