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Innovative AI-based solutions,
at your client’s doorstep

Robovision helps you deploy rock-solid applications or create custom AI based on your client’s requirements. 

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Your partner for creating and deploying AI-based solutions

There is no need to reinvent the wheel or waste time looking for the perfect product match. Robovision has a portfolio of certified AI-based clinical applications and the right tooling for you to deploy or even create custom AI for your clients. 

Why should you collaborate with us?

Robovision offers two partnership programmes: reselling or bringing in new projects. You can seamlessly and securely integrate our applications with your client’s existing PACS software. 

A new revenue stream from AI projects

If your customers are looking for a way to convert their ideas and images into AI, Robovision can be the solution that you can offer them.  You can earn a commission on our AI creation projects. Provide us with the right connection and generate recurring revenue from every new deployment!

We pride ourselves in our unique collaborative AI creation service. Our platform allows your clients and their specialists to use their own data and participate in the creation process. Robovision will provide technical support to ensure a successful outcome.

Resell from our portfolio

We have a ready-to-deploy portfolio of AI algorithms, tested and certified for use in healthcare. These will allow your clients to get more out of their data and improve their medical imaging analysis, with in-depth diagnoses and more efficient workflows.

With tailor-made license agreements and various subscription options, we make sure that all partners can get the best offer when reselling with us. 

Build AI solutions for and with your clients

AI-based solutions for hospitals

Smooth operations, for you and your clients

Forget the headaches that come with deploying and integrating software. We’ll make it work, without a glitch. 

Easy Implementation

Robovision provides an easy and straightforward implementation of AI-based clinical applications in your workflow. For this purpose, we have developed a dedicated medical inference engine: the Robovision Copilot platform. This platform is designed to communicate with your existing software, so your clients can access AI solutions easily.

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Easy Integration

You can count on our APIs to provide a rapid link between your systems and our Copilot platform for secure deployment at your client’s site, both on the cloud and on-premises. We have developed them with our partners to cover all necessary use cases for transmitting medical images and inference requests. 

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AI-based platform for healthcare

Flexible & Secure Deployment

Deployment is done directly on our Copilot platform. Whether you prefer to deploy them on the cloud or entirely on-premises, we can adapt to your requirements. In both setups, the output of the AI-based clinical application is re-injected in your PACS system for use by the specialists.

Cloud Deployment

When deployed in the cloud, it will be linked via a secure gateway that creates pseudonymised images, so no patient information leaves your network.   

On-premises Deployment

Alternatively, if installed on your network, no information will ever leave your secure network, thus ensuring total security.    

Have a trusted expert by your side with Robovision

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