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Machine Vision taken to the next level.

Why do you need machine vision and how can you give even more added value to your machines? If you’re a machine builder, your goal is to deliver automation solutions that make your customers thrive. With the power of the Robovision AI platform, creating applications for complex computer vision challenges has never been easier. Are you ready to boost your reach?    

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What is Machine Vision?

Machine vision is a technology that empowers machines to interpret and understand visual information much like the human eye. Utilising cameras and sensors, the system captures visual data from the surroundings and processes them through algorithms, undergoing steps such as image enhancement, feature extraction, and pattern recognition. By replicating and enhancing human vision capabilities, machine vision facilitates a wide array of applications, including quality control in manufacturing, guiding robots in various tasks, medical imaging for diagnosis, autonomous vehicles, and security surveillance.

Machine Vision:

how does it work and what are the benefits?

At the core of machine vision is the seamless integration of hardware and software components to make informed decisions based on visual data. From inspecting products for defects on a production line to enabling self-driving cars to navigate safely, machine vision plays a pivotal role in industries seeking automation, efficiency, and precision in visual tasks. As an ever-evolving field, machine vision harnesses the latest advancements in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and sensor technologies to reshape how machines perceive and interact with the visual world, revolutionising diverse sectors with its transformative capabilities.

How to handle product variation with Vision AI technology?

In the timeline of Machine Vision, there is a distinct ‘before AI’ and ‘after AI’. After all, without artificial intelligence, machine vision is nothing more than the combination of a machine plus a camera. AI and deep learning algorithms make Machine Vision more ‘intelligent’. Based on a set of previously integrated training data, the Vision AI system is able to make ‘new’ decisions. At the same time, this means the system has to be retrained each time something is changed or a new product is launched. This is a big hurdle, given the current demand for personalisation and the need for fast time-to-market and continuous innovation.

Easy-to-use computer vision software with the power of AI

Robovision is an intuitive platform that allows users, without a background in engineering or AI, to develop and maintain AI-based vision applications autonomously. Robovision facilitates the entire lifecycle, from development to implementation to scaling out. With minimal iteration times: update, improve or switch between different models if there are new data or product types. Your customers can quickly adapt to changing conditions or expand AI applications without technical hurdles.

The limits of Machine Vision software

Machine vision technology enables industrial equipment to make fast decisions based on what it ‘sees’. This ability can be used in many different industrial processes including quality inspection, defect detection, positioning, identifying, tracking and sorting products. However, that power always depends on the algorithms steering the decisions. The problem: rules-based computer algorithms cannot handle variation.

Discover how the Robovision platform works


What if you have your data scientist?
Don’t worry, our approach is all about ensuring everyone can focus on their added value. Data scientists can focus on new projects while they see the ones they delivered flourish.
What if I have my own models or algorithms? 
You own the data you upload and the models you create. And if you have algorithms, we can integrate them seamlessly via our SDK.
What if I’m already working on a project and struggling to scale?
Don’t worry, we can migrate existing solutions to the platform.
How secure is the data?
Robovision takes data security extremely seriously. Our platform is designed with state-of-the-art security features to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data. Plus, the option to run our software in private cloud and on-premise ensures that you and your customers can have full control over data security, in line with company policies and procedures.
Do you provide supporting services?
We offer two services to ensure your success with our software: the Solution Productisation Service for seamless AI integration with your hardware and lifecycle support of your machines and the AI Creation Service for accelerated market entry.
What’s the learning curve to operate the Robovision platform?
We’ve designed Robovision to be incredibly user-friendly, reducing the need for specialised skills like data science or programming. Our API’s and SDK’s are well-documented so your developers can get started asap. Frontline operators can manage AI models, enabling them to adapt to new circumstances with minimal training.  Our support team is available to tackle any challenges along the way. Our aim is to make AI as accessible as possible to ensure a smooth operational transition. Robovision provides a range of training materials and train-the-trainer services to help its machine builders. You can customise those materials to your products and your end-customers so they get onboarded in no time.
How scalable is the Robovision solution as we expand our operations?
Robovision is engineered for scalability. Whether you operate a single factory or a multinational conglomerate, our platform can easily adapt to your growing needs. Plus, our architecture allows for cloud-based or on-premise operation, so you can scale up without having to worry about IT logistics.
How much downtime can we expect during the integration phase?
Our approach is designed to minimise disruption. Our team works with yours to understand your specific needs and processes, ensuring that the integration is seamless. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible, dramatically reducing your time to revenue for new solutions.
What support do you provide?
We offer a standard SLA and can extend our SLA to offer the support levels you’re promising to your customers for each individual product line. Note that the core philosophy of our platform is to avoid issues and ensure customers or machine builders can solve them without our help.
Are there any hidden costs?
We pride ourselves on transparent pricing. All costs are outlined during our initial scoping phase. Plus, our platform is designed to reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for constant involvement from highly specialised roles like data scientists and software engineers.
What kind of ROI can we expect? 
This is all about business casing. We can assist, but in the end, you have to understand the impact on your customers and set the right price for the machines. Our existing clients have witnessed a significant ROI in the form of reduced scrap rates, increased product quality, increased ability to produce customised products, increased customer satisfaction or loyalty, and of course reduced labour cost. All of our machinery partners have managed to create devices that are monopolistic in their space and have managed to create highly profitable new revenue streams.
How do we manage and update AI models? 
Robovision’s no-code platform covers the entire AI application lifecycle, allowing your team to manage and update AI models as the need arises. Machine operators can adapt AI models to deal with new circumstances, ensuring that the AI solution remains optimised over time.
How compatible is Robovision with our existing machinery?
Robovision is designed for seamless integration with your existing machines and systems. We are hardware-agnostic, meaning we can integrate any existing hardware that outputs imagery, from industrial camera’s to microscopes and even MRI machines. If you have your own algorithms or models, they can be integrated via our SDK. This ensures that you don’t have to overhaul your existing infrastructure to start benefiting from AI.
What about competition? 
We have consistently won against other offerings in vendor analysis on a range of functional and non-functional requirements.

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