Robovision is committed to protecting their ongoing innovative efforts in automation, computer vision and deep learning technology, including the Robovision AI (RVAI) platform.

Since 2019, Robovision has built up a broad and strong patent portfolio, with international territories including Europe, US and Canada. This has led to early positive assessment in several search reports issued through the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)—as indicated in the patent application listing below.

Thereby, early positive assessment may be a strong indicator of the innovative nature of Robovision’s inventions. Also, for the involved patent applications, it suggests a swift route towards grant.

Technology name with corresponding patent application number:

  • Deep learning automation: improved object handling
    • EP19212254*
    • WO2021105504
    • EP3828828°
    • CA3162598°
    • US17780759°
  • Robovision AI (RVAI) platform
    • WO2021105505
    • EP4066211°
    • CA3161176°
  • Visual servoing of a robot
    • EP4060555
    • WO2022194883
    • CA3211736°
    • US18550950°
  • Improved vision-based measuring
    • EP4060608*
    • WO2022194884*
    • CA3211737°
    • US18550948°
  • Improved orientation detection based on deep learning
    • EP4060612*
    • WO2022194887
    • CA3211739°
    • US18550946°
  • Coronary artery narrowing detection based on patient imaging and
    3D deep learning

    • EP4131154
    • WO2023011945*
  • Application to be published
    • (EP)
    • (WO)


  • *Positive assessment – patentable subject-matter identified in the search
  • °No report available yet

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Editor’s note: Originally published on 22 March 2022; updated on 23 December 2023.