Enabling robots to cut rose stems with vision AI

Robovision provides the technical expertise that helps automate stem cutting in robots with accuracy that matches with plant experts.

The ISO Cutting and Planting 1800 is a machine we engineered in partnership with ISO group. They provided the mechanics, we made sure the robots could see and understand their environment.

Traditionally, rose stems were manually cut in the right place and at the right angle, ensuring it will grow into an independent mature plant—a task that requires skill as well as time. Trained using our platform, the 1800 recognises the particularities in each delicate rose stem, cutting it as precisely as a professional with a green thumb would.

This new way of working enables 24/7 rose cutting, without any loss in quality. This, in turn, makes for a higher yield. A feat in itself, but even more interesting at a time when the industry faces increasing labour shortages. This AI vision-endowed machine guarantees work will be done and the quality will be irreproachable. For more information, visit the ISO Group website.