Developing intelligent robots that can sort and plant tulip bulbs

Robovision helps automate the time-consuming and manual sorting and planting process by integrating vision AI into advanced robots developed by the ISO Group.

Meet the ISO Bulb Planter 1800, a machine that sorts and plants tulip bulbs. This innovation was born out of our collaboration with ISO group: they built the machine, we gave it the power to see. With this combined knowledge, the 1800 sorts bulbs and plants them as well as any human.

Bulbs used to be manually picked and planted—a rather labour-intensive endeavour, as every bulb is different and even for a trained employee, it’s not always clear which side is up. Yet if you want tulips to bloom, planting them the right way is paramount.

Thanks to 2D and 3D image recognition algorithms, the robot analyses the bulb in no time and assesses its quality. If it’s good for planting, the robot will pick it up and plant it correctly. It can do the task with an accuracy of 97%, and it never stops. All in all, a much more scalable and efficient solution than the age-old manual way.

Clients all over the world now use these machines, knowing their bulbs will be planted even when good manual labour is in short supply, which, increasingly, is a problem in the industry. For more information, visit the ISO Group website.