Leveling the AI playing field

We are passionate about technology and creating value from visual data. We make it understandable and easy to use our software so anyone can use AI

The company


We get up every day to create a generic vision based Machine Learning platform that will allow not-coders to create their own working A.I.-applications.

Based on this platform we’ve been building a solid track record of cases in a multitude of industries.


We’re a team of physicists, mathematicians, engineers, creatives, optimists and makers that are dedicated to our mission of simplifying AI. We value openness, radical candor, childlike enthusiasm and solution driven attitudes.

The people

The bright minds behind Robovision

Founder & CEO
Jonathan Berte

The mastermind and main driving force behind Robovision. With a background as applied physics engineer (specialized in image processing), he built up a strong reputation building custom machine vision and robotics solutions in the first years of our existence. Our Robovision AI software is what it is today due in large part to Jonathan building machine vision applications the “hard way”. Today, he passionately leads our company to new heights everyday.

Co-founder & CTO
Tim Waegeman

When Tim joined the company, Robovision became Robovision AI. He obtained a PhD in Computer Science Engineering at Ghent University completing his doctoral thesis in 2013 on machine learning at the Reservoir Lab. The chief architect of Robovision and with a deep understanding of both data science and software development, he enthusiastically leads the company on a technical level.

Dirk Van De Velde

Dirk brings a wealth of experience to the table through his experience of successfully growing several software companies in the financial industry. Today, Dirk is responsible for building and leading several key business functions such as our finances, legal and HR in close cooperation with the founders.


Make a difference in how A.I. will shape our future and join the team

We love it if you can stand behind our dream and wish to join us to realise the vision faster. Drop us a mail, say hi, and let’s talk about it how you can help driving innovation towards a positive impact on society.

Sharing to grow

We’re a young team in a growing market, the most delightful way to grow is if we share experience, knowledge, and time.


Being a self-funding business, we manage to grow and keep a market fit through pragmatism and quick iterations.


We love it when team members take the initiative to solve things. We also know this is only possible in an atmosphere of trust where help always available.