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Better Focus, Greater Algorithms 

At last, a way for data scientists to easily move computer vision algorithms into production. On a single platform, we combine the engineering and collaborative power for you to focus on what matters the most: solving more business problems and experimenting. 

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MLOps for computer vision

MLOps for Computer Vision Pipelines

Connect all the building blocks: data science workflows, model development, pre-production, deployment and retraining—all in a common environment. By enabling business teams to easily use your computer vision algorithms, we’re making your life easier with collaborative projects. Because with all the workloads centralised in one standard process, models are easily aligned with business goals. Save time and improve project outcomes for data scientists. 

Integrated AI Stack

Built-in Software Development Kit (SDK)

Build and design computer vision pipelines without needing any software development skills. Our SDK supports the transition from data science workflows to development workflows. We integrate all technologies in one toolkit and simple interface, you can focus on what matters the most: focusing on building solid models, without worrying about the ops side of things. Let Robovision handle all the maintenance of your AI stack, so that you can push code into production at scale. 

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AI stack for computer vision pipelines
Collaborative Intelligent Process
Collaborative Process

Scale Computer Vision Algorithms

Standardise and automate scripts in the SDK, so your computer vision algorithms can be used and reused. By you, but also by your colleagues who can take over operational tasks once your trained models or pipelines are ready. Anyone on board can label, train or retrain on a new data type, without meddling with existing pipelines or frameworks or involving the data team every time. Continuous delivery and monitoring of new models anytime, anywhere. 

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Easy Management

A Real Time-Saver

Manage your AI models and computer vision projects with your eyes closed. The platform’s admin panel has all the information about your projects, from sample types to recent updates. Plus, you can automatically assess labelling results and monitor training progress with TensorBoard, as well as re-evaluate any trained models against new data.

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Why Robovision?

Automated Testing

The Robovision SDK recognises your code interface for automated testing. Set up your own GitLab environment and easily test your trained models or pipelines in CI/CD. 

No Vendor Lock-in

Run your workflows from any infrastructure and enjoy a simplified process to create production models for training and evaluation. Yes, all the development steps are preconfigured. 

Maximise Your Productivity

No more maintenance work to keep a solution stack of multiple technologies up and running. Build automated, repeatable workflows while collaborating with non-technical users in a single platform.

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