Smart Camera’s Use AI for Quicker Interventions

Smart cities, smart homes, and smart cameras: we’re rapidly evolving into a ‘smart society’. The security industry will not be spared from this evolution. Securitas, the market leader in security, is convinced that going ‘smart’ is about combining the right people with the best technology available. To accomplish this mission towards Smart Security, they’ve partnered with the team to access AI-technology based on Deep Learning systems.

The structural partnership allows the AI technology of to integrate Deep learning video solutions into the existing camera networks of Securitas. This way, the improved system will be able to interpret video by itself and recognise dangerous situations or unsafe patterns. The AI-technology will then alert control room operators automatically, resulting in quicker interventions.

AI as a service

The beauty of the partnership is in part because of the way the two partners complete each other. has the AI-expertise, and Securitas knows how to apply it very well. Securitas has the size, experience, and knowledge to be a trustworthy security partner. Moreover, from a legal point of view, they know how to comply with the strictest of privacy laws. Combine these two and customers requiring efficient security camera setups will be able to license the AI-software easily. A lowered threshold to high-end technology, combined with Securitas’ scale, will allow more clients to implement better security.

Safety across industries

The augmentation of AI on security cameras has a vast potential in a wide variety of industries. Healthcare, manufacturing, retail, finance, public transport, just to name a few.

Say, you’re in public transport: if there are people on the tracks, you will need to know that immediately. Smart cameras will detect and alert the right person without delay.

Or finance: ATM robbers are a plague. The bank does not need to have AI expertise in-house to make sure their cameras recognise this specific situation for the automation of safety protocols. Instead they rely on a security partner like Securitas.

“We’re excited to work with experts on our image processing. This strategic partnership fits our vision to provide the market with next-generation data-driven security solutions. With this collaboration, our clients and we are ready for the future”

Dirk Peeters, CTO Securitas Belux.

“Securitas knows how to manage image processing and privacy on a large scale. We know our technology will be applied correctly. Their experience with our expertise makes a perfect fit. We’re pleased to know our technology can contribute to a safer world.”

Jonathan Berte, CEO