Security and Safety

Robovision provides you improved security through leading edge machine vision solutions that quickly learn​s what you’re looking for.

Advanced vision systems for improved security

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced the capabilities of machine vision systems, and Robovision makes it easy for you to leverage AI. With Robovision AI, you gain three key benefits:
  • The accessibility of the system means that the power of artificial intelligence is unleashed even for users with only basic IT skills, providing faster ROI
  • The modularity of the solution provides reusability and traceability of machine vision solution​s to improve efficiency in application development
  • Adaptable technology means your machine vision applications can easily be modified for changing situations, to maintain runtime performance and production quality in a changing environment

The Robovision AI solution helps you update vision applications, moving

  • Manually monitoring busy live-video streams or using video analytics for operational insights – and receiving​ false positives
  • Complex interface requiring significant training time & costs for operational personnel, or too simple an interface that doesn’t highlight risks
  • Waiting for software extensions to enhance your system functionality so that you can cover more business-specific gaps
  • Hiring expensive engineers to design, develop, program and maintain your own AI-powered model
  • Difficulty in reporting
  • Efficient monitoring of large numbers of live video feeds, instant analysis of risks
  • Immediate ​alerts​ to security personnel while limiting ​false positives
    Automated and flawless live reporting
  • Easy-to-use software tools for IT and line personnel, not requiring “data scientist” expertise
  • Real-time ​alerting​ and historical analytics

Use Everywhere

Smart city, smart factory, smart store. There are many places where hundreds, even thousands, of cameras, need constant monitoring.

AI systems don’t sleep, they can scan cameras far faster and more accurately than a person, and then ​alert​ security personnel to the areas where the attention of people is necessary.

Robovision is great for, the ability for a system to scan multiple feeds to augment the breadth of coverage of the human operators.

  • Security & safety monitoring
  • Retail security and loss prevention
  • Crowd management
  • Traffic & parking monitoring
  • Workplace and construction safety

Minimize False Alarms

False negatives​ are a bigger problem. Missing a needed​ alert c​an result in injury or death, and the inability to rapidly respond will also negatively affect business.

Quickly train your Robovision AI to recognize​ false positives and false negatives​ so that you get highly accurate results each and every time.

Simply teach your computer to recognize what you want, so it learns to improve identification of real alarms, minimizing ​false positives and false negatives​.

Robovision machine learning solutions bring augmented intelligence to your processes, helping security personnel focus on the real alarms and ​alerts​ that demand attention.

Rapidly train, deploy and use

Robovision has a database of frequent use cases, and customers can extend that to make it easy to train and deploy new vision systems as needed. Use our AI gallery to:

  • Identify, quantify and track people, vehicles, animals and other critical objects
  • Gain insight. Deep learning AI understands what it sees. This understanding can be applied across applications
  • Alert ​business stakeholders for rapid intervention and update them with timely reports
  • Extract predictions for business planning
While the Robovision solution can be managed by data scientists, the real power is that the interfaces make it easy for non-experts to train the system for new applications on their own data, and to quickly deploy those applications for rapid ROI.


Vehicular Traffic Monitoring

  • Use AI to prevent road traffic injuries, eliminate peak-time traffic congestion, enhance operational efficiency, and plan for future traffic infrastructures.
  • AI helps you with identification and classification of vehicle types. It analyzes live data from surveillance cameras and sensors to detect unusual patterns such as road hazards, security issues and traffic congestion.
  • Easily expand traffic monitoring to new types of vehicles, such as rental scooters.
  • Prescribes corrective action in real-time.
  • AI improves smart city planning.

Public Safety

  • Monitor critical infrastructure.
  • Detect and ​alert ​security personnel in real-time.
  • Early fire, accident, and other incident detection can save lives.
  • Identify when objects are left by humans.
  • Identify lack of social distancing or masks.

Retail Experience

  • Detect potential inventory loss from shoplifting and other risks, then ​alert​ security personnel in real-time.
  • Identify loitering patterns that could indicate a risk to customers or employees.
  • Identify lack of social distancing or masks.
  • Improve store traffic patterns to enhance customer service experience.

Workplace and Construction Safety

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protects staff against health and safety risks.
    Robovision AI can detect people in factories, construction sites, hospitals and elsewhere who aren’t wearing appropriate PPE.
  • Detect PPE such as protective hearing devices, helmets and hard hats, gloves, hairnets, and shoe covers.
  • Rapid identification, ​alert​ing ​and corrective actions can prevent injuries, deaths, and the financial and reputation damage from those.
  • Quickly​ ​detect people moving into dangerous areas, to ​alert​ safety officers, crane operators and others.

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Proven Partnerships

Open System

Securitas​ AB is a recognized security services, monitoring, consulting and investigation group, with offices in 53 countries. ​Securitas​ collaborates with Robovision. The company executes large-scale AI image processing while adhering to strict privacy regulations.

  • Robovision supports multiple camera protocols e.g., (Gige, USB, RTSP)
  • Integrations for Genetec, Milestone, and NetworkOptixx VMS systems available
  • Choose from pre-built models to quickly create, train and deploy your machine vision system.