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Collaborative Intelligence

87% of AI projects fail to scale. The other 13% aims for collaborative intelligence, a joint effort of various stakeholders, in the process of creating smart applications. Close the language gap between your data team and domain experts. With our computer vision system toolbox, they can collaborate to deliver value to your AI investments. 

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The process of creating smart applications

Computer Vision Systems that Harness All Expertise

Transferring your employees’ legacy knowledge into computer vision applications? We’ve got your back—and we’ll make it easy, too. Get domain experts, technical project leads and ML engineers to speak the same language. Robovision AI is a collaborative way to harness their brain power and make it scale in your computer vision system. And all the while, making algorithms just work. 

Robovision's technology for computer vision applications
Done Being Dependent

Build Your Own Applications

Creating intelligent computer vision systems usually requires an army of highly specialised experts. Not with us, we have translated this expertise into our technology. Build intelligent machines with digital images or videos, no matter whether you’re an AI expert or not. First, create and deploy smart applications. Then scale your machine vision system, all within a single AI platform. With us, AI is no longer rocket science. 

Our AI capabilities
Break the Silos

No Code Needed

Your non-technical departments use computer vision algorithms that the data team has developed. Not to worry! The former don’t need to know any code to collaborate, and the latter can focus on the core activities of data science. Robovision AI bridges the gap between both. Hence, it reduces technical bottleneck. Your operators will now be turning their extensive product knowledge into smart applications, all on their own.

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Automated quality control using Robovision AI
Intelligent machines in argiculture
Teach Machines to See

Create Intelligent Machines

Are you an OEM machine builder or a system integrator? We help AI-led organisations create intelligence for your computer vision systems in robotics and manufacturing. Let your team build computer vision applications with our software, then integrate them into your smart machinery. That’s our added value. Look no further for your industrial technology partner to help automate your clients’ production processes.

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Why Robovision?

Scale Smart Applications

Build your own powerful machine vision system and roll it out across the globe. In other words, re-using existing algorithms is easy. For example, make them work for new product types or another production line—without extra coding. Finally, speed it up with extra computing resources.

Easy Fine-tuning

Maintaining the predictive power of an AI model can be more difficult than building the model itself. That’s why we offer fine-tuning features in our platform. It supports an iterative process of continuous evaluation and retraining on fresh datasets, quick and easy. 

All-in-one Platform

Cover your entire project, from importing data to monitoring your production models. No complexity with available toolset and ready-to-use algorithms. One place to work and manage all project assets and deployments, in the cloud, on-premises or at the Edge. 

Create Intelligence for Machine Vision. Simply.

What our clients say

Robovision allows us to build high-end AI driven solutions for our customers. Their top notch object recognition capabilities eased the access to Deep Learning for us, without the need to train our people nor our customers in AI.

Jan Meynen,CEO Viu More

AI is completely redefining our profession and will help us to improve patient management drastically. As radiologists, Robovision gives us the tools to collaborate on easily creating algorithms by ourselves, without the need of coding knowledge

Prof. Erik Ranschaert,Radiologist

Without AI, it’s become near impossible to remain relevant in the agriculture industry. That’s why we’ve partnered with Robovision.

Raymond van den Berg,ISO Group

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