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Robovision at GTC 2022:

Scale AI in Agriculture Using 3D Deep-learning Technology

Jonathan Berte, the CEO and co-founder of Robovision.ai

Jonathan Berte

CEO of Robovision

Robovision is proud to speak at the global AI conference – NVIDIA GTC 2022. This 4-day event brings together the world’s brightest minds in AI and technological advancements that drive change around the globe.

Our CEO and the founder of Robovision, Jonathan Berte, will talk at GTC about the challenge of scaling computer vision models and how 3D deep learning technology is becoming a breakthrough in agricultural robotics. 

Autonomous robots in agriculture need to be efficient and agile in order to cope with the ever-changing conditions and the chaos of the plants, where no two are the same. Deploying robust computer vision models that can easily be retrained and scaled across hundreds or thousands of devices poses a crippling challenge the industry is struggling with. 

Jonathan Berte will explain the fundamentals of scalable AI applications that enable regular operators to easily create and deploy computer vision algorithms in a no-code environment. As the highlight of the talk, take a deep dive with us into how 3D deep learning technology is becoming a breakthrough within agriculture. 

With our technological advancements in computer vision for agricultural robotics, we have built a network of autonomous machines integrating with our software and operating on NVIDIA Jetson devices, RTX, and DGXA100 servers.

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