Robovision will be @MIDL London, an international conference on Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, from 8-10 July,. At this annual gathering, world leading researchers and engineers from academia, industry and biomedical sectors working at the intersection of medical image analysis and machine learning come together. Robovision is happy to share its research and contribute to this community!

The MIDL conference aims to be a forum for deep learning researchers, clinicians and health-care companies to take a leap in the application of deep learning based automatic image analysis in disease screening, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection and treatment monitoring. The conference will have a broad scope and include topics such as computer-aided screening and diagnosis, detection, segmentation, (multi-modal) registration, image reconstruction and synthesis. Furthermore, we discuss issues such as the need for large curated and annotated datasets, noisy reference standards, and the high-dimensionality of medical data. Software demonstrations, presentation of medical data sets and innovative clinical applications are also covered as focus points for integration of deep learning algorithms in clinical practice.

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