The Economist mentioned Robovision in an impressive article and Case Study (of Siemens Healthineers) about how artificial intelligence can help diagnose and manage Covid-19 patients.

“Dr. Erik Ranschaert is co-leading the Imaging AI Covid-19 programme, a collaborative research project launched by the Netherlands Cancer Institute to develop a European-focused AI tool. Two companies – Quibim and Robovision – are involved on a pro bono basis, providing a platform for hospitals to upload images and datasets, alongside expertise in algorithm development. The AI tool developed will be made freely accessible to all participating hospitals.”

As mentioned in the article, opportunities for AI in the healthcare industry are:

  • AI-supported imaging tools can help hospitals undertake better planning
  • These tools could help diagnose patients faster and manage them more appropriately
  • This technologie could be adapted to support the diagnosis and management of patients for other conditions in the future

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