Gain an unfair competitive advantage in Semicon with AI-based Defect Classification

Together with selected hardware partners, Robovision AI premiers offers a disruptive end-to-end solution for Automatic Defect Classification (ADC) in the semiconductor wafer-production process. Here is how deep learning radically shifts the quality assurance game in semicon.

Streamline recipe creation with AI-ADC

Advanced integrated circuit semiconductors consist of hundreds of layers. Each of these wafer layers requires a new model based on a unique dataset. Our specialised algorithm enables automated wafer-map pattern classification, eliminating the need to train the algorithm for each layer. That translates to a faster time to market and the fast switching of production lines.

AI to production with a single platform

Training an AI model is just the beginning. Maintaining them and monitoring their performance is actually the hard part. Our Robovision AI platform manages the entire AI lifecycle and makes every step as smooth and intuitive as possible, from data management to model deployment. The bigger the variation in your production batches, the bigger your gain.

Your operators become AI creators

With our platform, you don’t need to be an AI specialist to create AI. Perform every step of the AI life cycle, without ever encountering a line of code. This way, your operators on the factory floor and your business users can contribute their knowledge and help develop better defect classification models, without having to understand the ins and outs of AI.

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The go-to platform for the world’s most demanding semicon manufacturers

Hitachi has one of the most diverse product portfolio’s in the entire semiconductor industry. This diversity proved very challenging for their quality insurance, since this requires both an easily retrainable and an ultra-reliable classification system. We are proud they chose the Robovision platform for their ADC classification.

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Customised Semicon Algorithm & Unparalleled

Keep up with growing complexity of Integrated Circuit architectures and stricter quality demands by using a platform that does the hard work for you. Count on a specialised semiconductor algorithm to reliably do defect classification for a broad variety in patterns. Easily meet the ever increasing quality requirements of your end-clients.

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