Create your own AI assistant to speed up your research

The most intelligent and adaptable assistant for objective and reliable image-based diagnostics. Your time is best spent where you make the difference. Automate endless detection and annotation work. Get more analysis done,

Cover more medical image data with computer precision.
Get consistent and quantified annotation, instantly.
Teach your AI assistant To get the diagnostic output you need.

Too little time

Speed up heaps of research work, let the machine handle the burden of medical image viewing and annotation. Focus on the pathology and diagnosis for better research and treatment.

After all, radiological research is a complicated and demanding process that needs every second of the specialist’s attention.

Too much annotation

Our solution provides a secure and safe annotation environment on any computer. After validating the annotations your AI assistant trains itself to perform the task with tireless precision.

Robovision extends any PACS with a world-class solution for image-based research and diagnostics in healthcare.

The process consists of 5 steps:

  1. Collect data​: Upload of the (CT, MRI, X-ray) images to the RV platform, (GDPR compliant).
  2. ​Label​: Annotate (label) of the images with labeling tools thus ​Indicating to the algorithm what you want it to recognize (gif of magic lasso)
  3. ​Teach​: Determine the actions you want the model to perform (detection, classification or segmentation) based on the out-of-the-box algorithms on the Robovision platform.
  4. ​Train:​ Let the machine learning to it’s work and train itself a new algorithm to become a working model based on the labeled images
  5. Deploy:​ Load new cases and see the result of your training. Run it as your assistant or share the model with fellow radiologists

Repetition is the mother of perfection.

Get consistent higher accuracy over time. Perfect the output while your automated assistant is working. Just let it retrain itself based on all the new work and feedback it’s been handling.

Build on peer research for collective breakthroughs.

Researchers all over the world can make their trained AI models available to others working on similar research projects. Leverage the speed and accuracy of the automation created ​elsewhere, and let others utilise your work, or tweak it for different needs.


AI makes CT scan COVID-19 faster and more informative. Robovision has been training models for detecting lung damage in patients.

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We’re serious about security and privacy

Robovision has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect and secure the personal data (Research Data) they process. Functions, processes, controls, systems, procedures and other measures are in place to protect PII
(​personally identifiable information​) inside organizations.

Moreover, it should be noted that we work with pseudonymized data for which we don’t have access to the pseudonymization key.

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100% compliance. No doubt.


Microsoft’s public cloud platform enables you to gain access to fast computing at scale, without hardware investments. Many other health institutions already rely on Azure for full GDPR compliance.

You only pay for what you use to complete your automation workflow.


Make Clinical teams able to fully benefit from innovation that is out there and currently difficult to access. To achieve that goal, we use open source software and build innovative collaboration tools for medical imaging.


Our software handles all types of formats of visual data such as (DICOM, 3D point clouds, GIF and more)

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