Parking & Access

Getting to Robovision by car

Robovision’s HQ is located in the Tech Lane Campus Ardoyen. Please follow our instructions for parking and access.


  • Parking is only allowed at dedicated parking lots, either in a building or on-site at the company.
  • Parking your car along the road, on the grass, on footpaths, on bicycle roads, or on other places not dedicated for car parking will be sanctioned with a fine of €50.
  • The ground-level parking lot between the AA tower and the Bio-accelerator will be closed during October.


Access & exit the Tech Lane

To access by car, it is only possible through the main entry at the OVONDE/N60.

Exiting the park is possible on 3 locations: the main entry at the N60 and both exits that lead to the Tramstraat.

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On-site parking

Once you arrive at the entrance of the Tech Lane park, we kindly ask you to take a parking ticket at the automatic barrier.

Please proceed and continue driving to our office’s location. Robovision has its own parking lot to accommodate our visitors. Please note there are only 3 available parking spots on-site. 

Parking instructions

Ticket payments

Robovision will cover your parking costs.

To enable this option, please make sure to validate your parking ticket at our office before leaving. Scan the barcode using the provided tablet device (see image). You can find it on the shelf near the stairs, on the ground floor.

Parking instructions - validating tickets