Robovision is  NVIDIA®’s only Elite Partner in the Benelux.
As such, we are exclusive suppliers of the new DGX-2 in the Benelux and the Nordic countries.

We’re a company specialized in deep learning based machine vision and robot programming. Our specialists build on an experience of 10 years in machine vision and have gathered an extensive portfolio of deep learning solutions for industry, agriculture and security. As part of our focus on the design, development and deployment of complete automation projects, you can buy NVIDIA® DGX™ systems and NVIDIA® GPU accelerators from us. These systems are up to any challenge in the practical application of deep learning and machine learning methods for big data, data science and artificial intelligence.

Our NVIDIA DGX-2™, NVIDIA DGX-1™ and NVIDIA DGX Station™ can come pre-loaded with our proprietary RVAI full deep learning stack, with best in class deep model management and predictive labeling tools. Enhanced by Docker container technology and elastically scalable thanks to Kubernetes. From your dataset to a deep learning restful API access point in a breeze. Watch this video to explain how we see this new ecosystem.



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