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Collaborative annotation platform,
for medical images

Medical experts can create quality datasets faster together, anytime and anywhere with parallel labeling and tailored review flow. 

Robovision's medical annotation platform

Designed with and for medical experts

Precisely annotated images are required to train models with accuracy, and an enormous amount of such data is needed for creating effective AI-based clinical applications. Robovision’s collaborative annotation platform was designed with the needs of medical experts in mind. The interface was made to be intuitive for both doctors and radiologists to efficiently label different data types, collaborate and review in a straightforward process

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Why annotate with Robovision?

Web-based scalability

Our web-based annotation platform allows you to label your data anytime and anywhere. All you need is reliable Internet connection and access to our labeling platform. To boost our platform’s speed performance, we can place a server in your location of choice, enabling you to achieve a higher level of efficiency. 

Parallel labeling

With the web-based functionality, you can also increase the throughput of your labeling process. Different annotators can work on the same dataset and even the same medical image. This allows a much faster annotation process, diminishing the time-consuming bottleneck of labeling datasets.

AI-based platform for healthcare

Advanced and flexible tooling

Our platform supports the annotation of both 2D and 3D images, from X-rays and microscopy images to CT and MRI scans. Depending on your image type, we can provide you with custom labeling tools necessary for your project. This way we ensure smooth and ergonomic labeling of your data.

Tailored review flow

The quality of your annotations or training datasets is a key factor in creating any AI-based clinical application. Reaching a conform ground truth is therefore crucial to ensure accuracy. Robovision’s review flow was built on the four eyes principle, where every image is at least reviewed by 2 different annotators. You can improve the quality of your ground truth with this built-in capability. It is not only easy to use, but also can be tailored to your requirements.

What medical experts are saying about us

Robovision provided us with the right tools to collaborate on the development of an algorithm for oncologic imaging. The online annotation platform is equipped with user friendly and advanced functionality, allowing us radiologists to work fast and efficiently. The built-in review flow ensured that the data labeling was of high quality.

Laurens TopffMD, Radiologist

The Robovision annotation platform was an essential part of our in European multicenter Imaging Covid 19 project, namely for making high-quality CT-image annotations with a large group of medical annotators. Robovision provided us with all necessary tools and perfectly understood our needs.

Erik RanschaertProf. Dr. Radiologist, Key Opinion Leader in AI for Radiology, Entrepreneur, Advisor to AI startups

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