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Turn your ideas into AI with with Robovision’s collaborative approach

Robovision can help you turn ideas into reality: transforming your expertise and medical images into a fully certified AI solution. 

Detect bone issues faster with AI on Robovision's computer-vision platform for healthcare professionals

Innovate through collaboration

The AI creation process is a collaborative effort: combining your medical knowledge and data with our AI expertise to make your ideas happen. Our data scientists will do the heavy lifting on the technical side, while you’ll learn from us how to build and validate your models during our collaboration.

Once developed, we will help you certify it to be applied in clinical workflows. You can publish a scientific paper on your creation or licence it to other hospitals and generate revenue. 

Why AI for doctors?

AI is a new and efficient way for doctors to revolutionise traditional analytics and clinical decision-making techniques. 

Doctors gain invaluable medical insights using AI-powered Healthcare Co-pilot from Robovision.

Create and learn

Possessing medical expertise, ideas and access to images, no one else can create an AI better than you. While you provide us with the images and knowledge, we will show you how it is done, from creation to validation to certification. Our unique collaborative process allows you to both create and learn at the same time. The product is an AI-based clinical application assisting you in both image analysis and diagnosis, with higher throughput. 

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Doctors and healthcare professionals can deploy quickly AI with Robovision's Healthcare co-pilot platform.

Deploy and earn

Robovision offers you a way to convert your mountain of data and your team’s expertise into an AI asset that can be protected and certified by Robovision. Then, we will help you easily deploy it in your hospital, or if you desire, license your creation to other hospitals. This way, you can help not only your hospital’s patients but also many others with your team’s expertise. All the while, earn licensing revenue from your creation!

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Follow your ideas and be part of the AI creation process

Robovision's medical annotation platform

Easy creation flow with full transparency

We offer doctor training and a demo about AI. You will quickly learn the basic principles of AI, how it works and its potential in medical imaging. 

Fast & scalable labelling platform for medical data

Our Robovision AI offers advanced labelling tools that allow you to annotate your medical datasets with ease, quality and speed. As a web-based platform, experts can easily work together and label in parallel on a massive scale. This decreases the amount of time spent on labelling and increases the throughput of labeled images. We ensure both labelling quality and efficiency on different data formats from 2D images to 3D Dicom labelling. 

What’s more? The medically approved review flow is tailored to the expert’s needs. You can achieve the highest possible quality in the shortest amount of time.

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But, aren’t AI projects expensive?

The answer is NO. You can invest and license your creation to other hospitals, then profit from it. Or you can split the investment with Robovision and co-own the creation. For every new deployment by another hospital, you will earn a percentage of the licensing revenue. Your investment returns will then increase over time. A win-win for both! 

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Robovision has a financial model which facitates easy payment and licence funding.

What medical experts are saying about us

Robovision provided us with the right tools to collaborate on the development of an algorithm for oncologic imaging. The online annotation platform is equipped with user friendly and advanced functionality, allowing us radiologists to work fast and efficiently. The built-in review flow ensured that the data labeling was of high quality.

Dr Laurens Topff, Radiologistat the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI)

The Robovision annotation platform was an essential part of our in European multicenter Imaging Covid 19 project, namely for making high-quality CT-image annotations with a large group of medical annotators. Robovision provided us with all necessary tools and perfectly understood our needs.

Erik RanschaertProf. Dr. Radiologist, Key Opinion Leader in AI for Radiology, Entrepreneur, Advisor to AI startups

Robovision & You

Robovision’s expert team guides you through the AI creation process to streamline data science elements, model creation, validation and certification.

Collaborative Approach

Robovision is currently using this collaborative approach to develop algorithms for use in oncology and other life-critical applications, together with renowned specialists centres across Europe.   

Scalable Toolbox

Our web-based AI platform allows experts to label in parallel on a massive scale. For example, our “Imaging COVID-19” project brought together 25 hospitals and about 60 specialists in a single environment. Together, they converted CT images of COVID-19 patients into a world-class AI solution.     

Seamless Integration

Robovision takes care of the deployment for you through our Copilot platform. This allows your hospital to easily and securely integrate your AI-based clinical application, all within your existing workflows. You can now transfer theory into practice in a seamless way. 

Maximised Returns

As a digital asset, your creation can be licensed to other hospitals upon your permission. Robovision will help you obtain the necessary certification and provide the platform to commercialise it. As co-creators, we will share the license revenue and shape the terms and conditions together.