We want to open up the human-machine revolution to leading companies worldwide.

What we believe

After steam engines and the internet, AI is the technology that redefines the way we work and live. However, being a set of complex algorithms understood only by a handful of data scientists and engineers, AI is out of reach for most companies.

We think a technology this powerful should be available not just to those in the know. That’s why we’ve built an interface that unleashes the power of AI vision technology to those who realise they’ll need it. In other words: companies looking to lead.

How we operate

Working across industries, we’ve linked up solutions to common issues that are all solved with self-learning software. We’ve created an AI vision platform that runs in a wide array of applications: industrial automation, robotics, video analytics, life sciences and beyond.

Using code that’s no longer manually written but machine-made, what we’ve built is to AI what browsers were to the internet: a platform that makes AI technology widely accessible.

Our platform captures human intelligence to automate and enhance operations.

What we offer

Robovision AI is a tool that works for both operators and experts, across departments and countries. Precisely because it sets the standard for AI vision applications, our platform makes this pioneering technology scalable.

This way, we’re taking our partners straight to the forefront of the human-machine revolution.

Robovision worldwide

Robovision is live
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