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NVIDIA DGX H100: The New Benchmark for AI Excellence

AI is revolutionising industries

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming mature technology, capable of powering state-of-the-art solutions in agriculture, healthcare, and manufacturing. Whether improving customer service, optimizing supply chains, extracting business intelligence, or designing cutting-edge products and services across nearly every industry, enterprises are using AI to capture exponential returns. But scaling successfully requires the most powerful architecture and systems capable of meeting extreme computational demands to tackle unprecedented AI challenges

Fully-optimised & Ready for AI

Enter NVIDIA DGX H100, the new flagship hardware platform in the AI-dedicated NVIDIA DGX system series. As the fourth generation of the world’s first purpose-built AI infrastructure, the DGX H100 incorporates, each DGX H100 system incorporates eight NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs to give it a record 32 petaFLOPs of FP8 performance. Based on the new NVIDIA Hopper GPU architecture and underpinning the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, it enables data centres and companies at the vanguard of AI to achieve unparalleled advances in key fields such as natural language processing, recommender systems, data analytics and more.

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, announcing the H100 chip at GTC Spring 2022.

4 Benefits of Having NVIDIA DGX H100

1. Supreme & Scalable AI Performance

Compared to its DGX A100 predecessor, the DGX H100 offers a stunning leap in performance to take on the most intensive AI jobs. It is the first system to be powered by one of the world’s most advanced chips, the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU, with 8 of these superlative GPUs integrated within each NVIDIA DGX H100.

2. Powered by NVIDIA Base Command

NVIDIA Base Command powers every NVIDIA DGX H100 system, enabling organizations to leverage the best of NVIDIA software innovation. Enterprises can leverage the full potential of their DGX investment with a proven platform that includes enterprise-grade orchestration and cluster management, libraries that accelerate compute, storage and network infrastructure, and system software optimised for running AI workloads. Additionally, DGX systems include NVIDIA AI Enterprise, offering a suite of software optimised to streamline AI development and deployment.

3. Seamless deployment into Existing IT Infrastructure

Ensuring the right platform is vital to any AI-driven business. Companies should be able to plan their AI investments ahead and explore AI initiatives without worrying about infrastructure technicalities. DGX H100 can be deployed in a number of ways to fit a company’s IT configuration: install and directly manage it on-premise, rely on an NVIDIA DGX-ready colocation data centre, or gain access to it through an NVIDIA-certified managed service provider.

4. Reliability & Support in the Age of AI

As the newest evolution in NVIDIA’s AI-dedicated DGX system series, the DGX H100 is the fruit of the company’s accumulated expertise. In choosing the DGX H100, businesses are assured of a tried-and-tested platform that is developed by the global market leader in AI and that builds on its famous predecessors. Aside from the system’s cutting-edge performance, it comes with access to NVIDIA DGXperts, a global team of AI-fluent practitioners that offer prescriptive guidance and design expertise to help fast-track AI transformation

NVIDIA DGX H100 Specifications

  • Performance:
    • 32 petaFLOPS FP8
  • GPU Memory:
    • 640 GB total
  • CPU:
    • Dual x86
  • System Memory:
    • up to 2 terabytes (TB)
  • Networking:
    • 10x NVIDIA ConnectX®-7 400 Gigabits-Per-Second Network Interface
NVIDIA DGX H100 features up to 9X more performance

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