Now you know what’s happening without looking!

Just rely on our AI. It knows what to look for. helps you quickly build, train
and deploy machine learning models at scale.

Use anywhere

Smart city, smart factory, smart store. Use our simple software anywhere,
everywhere, to model your own solutions without needing to know a single code.

  • Security & safety monitoring
  • Crowd management
  • City management
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Parking monitoring



Our resources help you travel

  • Manually monitoring  your live-video streams or using video analytics for operational insights – and receiving false positives
  • Waiting for software extensions to enhance your system functionality so that you can cover more business-specific gaps
  • Hiring qualified engineers to design, develop, program and maintain your own AI-powered model.
  • Automated and flawless live reporting
  • Human-like cognitive processing – and far, far faster!
  • Easy-to-use software tools without typing a line of code or hiign an expert
  • You have no more hardware, software or lock-in costs.

Program Your AI Against False Alarms

False alarms are a drain on your resources. Train your AI to recognize false positives and false negatives so that you get 100 percent accurate results each and every time.

Simply teach your computer to recognize what you want, so it learns to predict better, eliminating false alarms.

Make it your own
  • Try from the many “Out of the box” security skills from our store.
  • Improve accuracy by retraining the AI on your context.
  • Teach new skills yourself without code .
Use any type of IP camera
  • Use your regular network camera system
  • Any IP camera product works
  • Experiment with thermal imaging cameras – and others
Better data for smart decisions
  • Get real-time product statistics
  • Port to our platform for reliable research reports
  • Trigger responses to particular conditions, anomalies and thresholds.

Use our AI database to identify, quantify and track:

  • Persons, vehicles or animals
  • For deep insight. The Deep learning AI understands what it sees. This understanding can be applied across applications
  • Alert business stakeholders for rapid intervention and update them with reports. Also extract predictions for business planning


Car-Counting for Traffic
  • Use AI to prevent road traffic injuries, eliminate peak-time traffic congestion, enhance operational efficiency, or for future planning of traffic infrastructures.
  • AI helps you with identification and classification like vehicle size classification. It analyzes data coming from surveillance cameras and sensors and detects unusual patterns, like road hazards, security issues and traffic congestions.
  • Our AI also prescribes corrective action.
  • Use AI for smart city planning.
Crowd Counting
  • Use our AI for your retail business.
  • Use it to organise merchandise in aisles; to optimise store layout; to understand peak times and to help you prevent theft or trespassing.
  • You can put a camera in your store and connect it to Robovision’s AI platform and get real time data that can be ingested and analysed.
  • Governments can use it to track pedestrians and cyclists for smart city planning.
  • Actually, a person detection/counting model can be used across applications.

Use AI for Workplace or Construction Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the equipment that protects your staff against health or safety risks.These include protective hearing devices (earplugs, muffs), helmets,  gloves, hairnets, and shoe covers. Not wearing PPE hikes the chances of injuries. You may also be fined for worker injuries and deaths. Use AI to monitor for compliance to PPE.

Proven partnerships

Securitas AB is a recognized  security services, monitoring, consulting and investigation group, with offices in 53 countries. Securitas collaborates with Robovision. The company executes large-scale AI image processing while adhering to strict privacy regulations.

Get started

  • We support multiple camera protocols e.g., (Gige, USB, RTSP)
  • Integrations of multiple Genetec, Milestone and NetworkOptixx VMS systems available
  • Choose from pre-built algorithms to quickly create, train and deploy your automated incident detection system.