Get a head start with Quality control

Compete by automating your production line with our special Artificial Intelligence tools. It automates your projects from start to finish.

Use AI to build without limits

The longer you use our AI system, the better your projects become. That’s because AI processes data and spots errors in minutes – giving you a model for future testing. As models mature, you get better and better results.


Quality Control
  • Significantly reduce wasted material, time, energy and costs
  • Increase speed and consistency above human level
  • Flexible to retrain for new batches.


Maintenance prediction
  • Train your system to predict where and when maintenance is due.
  • Integrate with existing software and hardware to make your predictive maintenance solutions more powerful.


Process optimisation
  • Save time and resources by modeling your data for continuous processes.
  • Ensure your stock constantly meets your highest quality standards.
  • Predict and optimize inventory costs and get real-time inventory levels.
Final Check

Design an automated vision inspection system for the final stage in the electronic manufacturing process. Your AI model checks whether each of the parts are there. Also, whether they are assembled correctly.

Explore the possibilities with Robovision.AI

Onboarding our AI platform is easier than you think. Check out how we help you use AI to improve each part of your business.

Short setup times
You are in control
Build, deploy and own

AI trains on examples rather than code, making it ideal for high precision, larger batch size, and variance control.

AI shortens validation time, helping you test new ideas in minutes.

There’s no need to call in software engineers or experts! You stay on top of what matters.

We provide the complete hardware and software solution. All you need to get started is a computer vision camera and lighting.

The Setup is Simple

Computer Vision with AI is relatively simple.

The neural network learns from images it sees. You train it by feeding it data connected with your project.

The system continues automatically, allowing you to adjust results as it works. All you need is a camera, light and some processing power.

Perfect for Apples, PCBs, Silicon Wafers…

Quality control is vision-based. As long as you can visualise the product or material, you can use our system to train and deploy your own A.I. quality control.

The only tool that will be different is the type of camera you use. For example: Apples need hyperspectral cameras, but you’ll want a more high-end device for checking the quality of wafers.

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Robovision drives innovation

Tuning machines

AI checks the quality of textiles as they roll off spinning wheels, helping operators spot and fix errors in real-time. Results? Quality rises and costs fall.

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Precision farming

AI helps farmers maximize their yields and prevent problems. AI detects diseases in plants, predicts weather patterns, identifies and eliminates weeds, and harvests crops at higher volume and faster pace. That’s just some of its benefits…